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Welcome To The Legend!


The code does not yet handle buying and selling perfectly if you put your money in your house. Keep it on your person, as you also cannot yet be robbed or otherwise lose it.


To access your old logged days, the format is as follows: name here_YYYY_MM_DD.txt

So in other words, for example, for Jonathan Black to see his 1st of August 2009: black_2009_08_01.txt

Use your full Legend ID, but don't capitalize your name. If your name has a space, as most will, use the space. Don't forget this.


The "Legend of ...", also known as "Insert Name Here" or simply INH, to most familiar players, is an e-mail/message based Role Playing Game.

For those not familiar with the eRPG genre, gameplay is facilitated normally by e-mails or messages sent to the game's Administrator, detailing actions, strategies for battles or negotiations, purchases, and other requests, while the roleplay is carried out through the forums, or through the actions posted on the site by the Admin.

INH has endeavoured to take this genre to a new level, where the player messages do not always define what exactly they will do, but rather, what they wish to be able to do. Battles and certain specific NPC interaction actions are as 'normal' for the eRPG genre, where the player sends the entire strategy/plan as the message, but other minor character maintenance activities have been mostly taken over by the Console.

At first, each player will find that things proceed much like the standard eRPG, but as their play progresses, they will find that the ease with which they can repeat actions will increase dramatically, reducing messages to strategies and requests for new activities to be made available.

This system is facilitated by a database architecture into which player desires, activities, items they own, wish to own, or create, are added. New friends, foes, teachers, and the player's knowledge of areas or structures are all contained within the database, allowing them to easily interact with the world, and when they have reached a limit, simply request an addition.