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Beurve Forest, 9:23 am, Erika Hyril vs Coppertail Constrictor

Having been scolded by Arianna for being so unfamiliar with the Beurve Forest where they lived, Erika Hyril was currently exploring a bit before heading into town to sell the medicines she had made for the morning. She had just finished carefully gathering one of the large housetop mushrooms that one could find in the forest, usually something Arianna used to make soup. The nearby hissing and rustling of leaves caused her to spin immediately and fix her attention on the source. A Coppertail Constrictor.

Erika did not move. The creature was not focused on her. To run was probably a good idea, but she was not a fan of running through the forest with breakable items in her bag, and snatching up that bag, which she had placed on the ground in order to get the mushroom, would surely draw its attention. She decided to simply wait to see if the snake would go away.

It fixed her with its gaze, coiled up, and sprang at her, flying through the air as Coppertails easily could. Erika barely reacted in time, diving to the right and rolling across the ground, hurting her shoulder very slightly as she did so. She crouched low, drawing her shiki, and waited to see if the snake would continue to attack her.

The peculiarity of the Coppertail is, in the minds of most, the speed with which it moves and its stellar reflexes when evading. Now, both those came into play as the snake closed the distance, and her slash at its neck missed completely as it slipped around behind her. Erika immediately leapt upward, floating there, but the Coppertail followed suit, quickly wrapping around her legs. She could feel the effect of its Osmolysis on her muscles. Mostly only mild pain, but slowly it sapped the strength from even her own strong legs.

The Dracan stabbed her shiki into the body of the Constrictor, as its enhanced strength went to work crushing her legs. Its fangs sank into her skin also, and she took the chance to stab at the snake's head, but this turned out to be quite foolish, as the snake's great reflexes were quite enough to allow it to release and move in time. Erika's own reflexes barely saved her from stabbing herself too deeplyin the thigh.

The blast of cold air from her body gave her some reprieve from the Coppertail's grip now, as the snake seemed to lose quite a bit of its building strength from that attack. Erika's mind raced now. Slowly but surely, her legs were being crushed, and she could do very little about the whole thing. Even her specific method of healing would not help. In the end, she could only continue to stab the snake and release blasts of cold until it finally gave up and released her.

She dropped to the forest floor, and immediately soothed her legs with healing wind, but this did not give those legs the strength to stand. The Coppertail twitched nearby, apparently unable to heal itself, unlike most of its kind. Erika dragged herself over to the creature's body, and angrily stabbed her shiki into its head.

"Stupid snake's made my whole day an ordeal now..." she grumbled, rubbing her legs. She would dread wandering around Tenteri Ma today to do her shopping, but for now, even with the pain in her legs, she decided to press on and get out of the forest before anything else decided to pounce.

Outcome: Erika Hyril has defeated the Coppertail Constrictor (taken 37% damage).
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 2 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 12 DEX exp.
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 3 STR exp.
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 2 RES exp.
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 3 RFL exp.

Outskirts of Gasrag, 1:01 pm onwards, Jonathan Black vs three Auroch Oxen, a Mime Raven, a Coppertail Constrictor and two Kivlit

The huffing snort of an Auroch was the sound that now caught the attention of the weary Jonathan Black. Jonathan had spent most of the wee hours of the morning being healed at the barracks, before taking only a relatively short rest. From there, it had been straight into his morning duty, patrolling the outskirts of the town of Gasrag, circling the settlement with three other Guardsmen.

He had been fortunate today. Most of the trouble had been taken care of by the others, and he had been able to enjoy a fairly relaxing mild cloudy day without the previous night's fatigue factoring in much.

Sadly, now, just as his duty ended, the threat he would have to face for the day had finally appeared, and, as Jonathan's relief Guard was not there yet, he would have to deal with them. To the Imperial soldier, facing three Aurochs was not too much more dangerous than facing two, and he had already done that recently, however he hoped, obviously, that the bovines would be easily chased off rather than requiring him to exert his already fatigued mind and body. He decided to simplify the entire thing by simply trying that first.

Raising his family's katana above his head, he focused his current desire, namely, that of going home for some food, rest, and the company of his wife. The Zelfin Bolt that erupted from the blade when he swung the weapon downward arced through the air towards the three Auroch oxen, all of which were already facing him and looking a bit threatening.

Jonathan cursed loudly as it became clear that they were not only already feeling hostile, but that his electrical attack only seemed to further ignite the flames of anger in the one it had struck. It immediately lowered its head and charged, but Jonathan had been prepared for the worst.

The first arcing spark had been merely a warning shot, after all. Now the Auroch found itself charging directly into, and through, a powerful Vijira Storm. It bellowed in pain, and was, surprisingly, actually deterred in its charge, veering off to the left and crashing into a sturdy wooden fence. Its rage, however, was not so easily deterred.

Jonathan wasted no time. He could see that this was his best opportunity, and he swiftly closed in on the recovering Auroch, charging his blade yet again, this time with the paralyzing electrical effect he could generate from his hands. Rather than slash, he thrust it directly into the body of the beast, and released a bolt of electricity directly into the area around its heart, before artfully withdrawing the blade and diving away.

He had managed to do it all before the Auroch had its chance to reinforce its hide and so, though the creature now struggled to its feet and lowed powerfully again, he knew it would not last much longer with the effect he had delivered to its heart. Nevertheless, its Agnic Quake robbed Jonathan of his footing, and only his enhanced reflexes saved him from falling into a most disadvantageous position, as the other two were already charging in.

Jonathan spun, with a slash that filled the air with charged particles, and the localized storm effect activated a moment later, directly in their path. One veered away. The other continued its charge right through the effect, forcing Jonathan to evade it quickly, and deliver a light slash in passing. He could already feel the toll that the physical aspect of the combat was taking on his body, and immediately decided to do his best to fight them based primarily on his spirit energy. Another Zelfin Bolt arced off his blade, then another moments later. He did not absolutely need to get close to the creatures.

Even so, the speed at which Jonathan could generate this lightning belied its 'failing' in such combat. It simply was not a sufficiently powerful attack to deter such hardy creatures. Jonathan knew this, but his option was letting them get close enough, and have enough time, to knock him off balance with seismic tremors, and so, he could only continue in this way, using the weaker bolts and his own agility to keep them at bay between uses of his more powerful electrical control.

Even this tired him steadily, but it was, quite simply, the best option, and he kept at it. Unfortunately, the two surviving Aurochs were fairly resistant to his electricity after a few attempts, and each charge brought them closer and closer to Jonathan as his fatigue began to take its toll. Finally, one of them managed to graze him with a horn, bruising his side heavily. He suffered a powerful body-check from the other a bit later when he slashed at it in passing, and the charge following that one involved an Agnic Quake that nearly robbed him of his footing completely, but in actuality was only enough to give the beast another chance to gore him, this time in a shoulder. The wound was not deep, but Jonathan could already feel the pressure of keeping his mind on the fight. By now, a few onlookers had gathered, but most of them were unable to do much to help him other than yell in an attempt to distract the creatures. Usually, this was no help at all, leaving Jonathan to endure a few more bumps and scrapes before he could finally bring the beasts down.

"Hey... you ok?" one man asked as Jonathan finally slumped to the ground near a fence post. The effort had been too great.

"Yeah... I'll... be fine..." Jonathan panted, "No sweat. Just need to... catch my breath a little, that's all."

The man nodded, knowing that the Guardsmen were usually far tougher than they appeared. Jonathan leaned his tired body against the fence post and closed his eyes...

The fact that Jonathan Black had fallen dead asleep was made clear half an hour later when a Mime Raven landed on his head, apparently using him as a perch to look around. The bird barely caused the exhausted man to stir. It fluttered away a bit when the three Wild Bison came charging through the area, but even this also barely caused Jonathan to open his tired eyes for more than a few seconds.

The Kivlit that rummaged through his belongings now found nothing of interest, but this finally seemed to wake Jonathan, enough so that the fact of the Mime Raven also going through his now-open bag, irritated him. Too tired to put much effort into chasing the bold bird off physically, he simply zapped it with a Zelfin Bolt. Unfortunately this Mime Raven was not only bold, it was apparently also not easily scared, resulting in him being subjected to some pecking and one or two Gravispheres before he sliced it with his katana, ending the little skirmish. He sat down again, panting.

Just as he was about to close his eyes once more and let his body relax, he felt the highly unpleasant feeling of fangs sinking into the exposed part of his arm. He reacted instantly, flooding his aura with electrical energy, deterring the Coppertail Constrictor from doing any further damage right then. This did not last long though. The snake flooded its own aura with fluid energy, and proceeded to attempt to wrap around him, biting him again. Jonathan struggled to regain a proper grip on his katana, and used his free hand to push himself up, holding onto the fence post.

Unfinished Battle, Outcomes Not Generated.