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Leor Imperial Capital, Imperial Guard Barracks, 1:03 pm, Galag Mitsumari

There was a dull knock on the heavy door that led into Galag Mitsumari's office. Sound traveled very little within the large room. Unlike nearly any of his predecessors, the current captain of the Leor Imperial Guard preferred an office in the underground section of the barracks.

The sound of his voice, on the other hand, carried quite well, in reply, to the soldier outside. As always, his subordinate pushed the door open, revealing an oddly dark room with only a single light source, the shimmerstone providing the light by which Galag had been doing his work.

"Commander, your dinner guest has arrived and is waiting for you in the officer's mess hall," the young woman announced. Galag's eyes fixed on her, gleaming by the light of the shimmerstone. The woman, unlike many others, weathered this gaze unflinchingly. Short black hair and well-fitting armor, as well as the attitude of one who would go far. Galag liked this one. That was known. It was, more than likely, the reason why she had been chosen to 'disturb' him, even considering that he would not get angry at the one who brought him this news.

"Thank you, Yvel. Inform him that I will be joining him shortly."

She nodded, not bothering to salute him, and turned sharply on her heel, closing the door behind her.

Ten minutes later, a slightly casually attired Commander Mitsumari stepped into the officer's mess hall, and his eyes met that of the man who was waiting for him. Jason Nihen, a man with whom he shared a bond like none other.

Galag crossed the room to the table, and sat before the spread of food. It was, as always, rather simple. What the Guard cooks lacked in variety on any given day, they made up for tenfold, in flavor.

"Mashed potatoes and beef gravy with steamed vegetables, sir?" Jason smirked lightly, "Did you tell them what to make for me, or did you just invite me on the day this particular fare was due to be prepared?"

Galag now smirked in return, leaving Jason's question unanswered, "I trust they have taken Eorworn someplace comfortable?"

The Dragon Tamer smirked again, appreciating Galag's interest in the well being of his Bahamut companion.

"They have. I had him eat before I came, though. Feeding me, I am sure is within your means, feeding Eorworn is a different matter."

Galag laughed, quite aware of how much the Bahamut, he whose name meant 'Master of the Heavens' in the old tongue, could consume when ready.

"Must we forego the wine, or will you be staying the night?" Galag asked Jason now, noting that it had not yet been brought to the table. Jason bowed his head respectfully and gave his quiet, almost ceremonial response.

"As always, I leave that decision to you, sir."

"Paulette! You may bring the wine!" Galag called out towards the kitchen. With that, he gestured to Jason to begin the meal. They had lots of catching up to do.

Outcome: Jason Nihen has joined Galag Mitsumari in the Imperial Capital.

Vesper City, Imperial Guard Barracks, 2:44 pm, Tridiel Shaknari

The Elvan woman pacing in front of him seemed to be finally wavering in what had seemed to be almost unlimited patience. He watched the fall of the dark brown hair. It reached nearly to her waist. She no longer wore the deep green gown that had so captivated him when he met her at the gala. Now, she was dressed far more simply, in just a white silk camisole and a pale blue skirt of unidentifiable material.

"Alright. One more time. After that, prepare yourself, because I assure you I will be annoyed," she said to him. The man gulped nervously, then checked himself mentally. She was just a strange Imperial Silen. Why they had chosen this light-framed woman as his interrogator was beyond him. The only reason he could imagine was that she, being the one who had caused his capture in the first place, had been assigned to watch him, and therefore now assumed to know how to get to him. He could not have been more wrong.

"All I am asking is for confirmation of things we already practically know. You can say 'yes' even if you know nothing, can't you? No one could reasonably claim that you were the one to tell us anything. So... have the recent uprisings among the Mesdina zealots been coordinated?"

He swayed his head slightly from side to side, feigning fatigue and confusion, as he had been taught, before finally saying slowly, "I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't know why you're asking me. Can't I just go home, Tridi? We've been here since morning, I'm tired."

Tridiel Shaknari sighed. She would have loved to believe him, but she already knew that he was lying to her. It was one of the things she hated most... untruth. She could not lie, herself. Half of the enchantment of her mirror prevented it. Even minor deceptions were difficult for her.

"Very well then. If you really are tired, that will make this far easier, and we won't have to be here much longer. Now don't resist, please. It will be much less painful for us both."

She stepped toward him, moving to place the palm of her hand against his Third Eye gate. Though he was securely bound to the chair with quite a length of strong rope, he instantly twisted his head away from her, causing her to sigh again, and grab him by the neck, pressing into the nerve cluster there until she forced his head into a position she could manage from.

He could feel it beginning, as her palm made contact with his forehead and her spirit energy rose. The twisting, almost burrowing into his mind... Nebiltua Inserus. One of the rarest, most difficult to master, essences, in the world. He had not been lying about his fatigue, and now, without much resistance, he allowed Tridiel to see into his memories, and pull out anything she wished.

"I can't believe... I got fooled... by the TruthTeller..." he groaned. Tridiel looked solemnly at him, a deep pity in her eyes.

"I did not fool you. You saw what you wanted to see."

Outcome: Tridiel Shaknari has uncovered part of the plot of the Mesdina Zealots.
Outcome: Tridiel Shaknari gained 11 DSP exp.
Outcome: Tridiel Shaknari gained 10 FCS exp.

Outskirts of Nouve, 10:20 pm, Kousei Gunnar, Aleya Termuz

When Kousei had charged the three wild Abinnek earlier that evening, he had been surprised to find that rather than just scattering, the creatures had, oddly, decided to fight. That fight had been a harrowing experience, one that could have resulted in far graver injuries for a different man. Kousei, on the other hand, was a Lycan of great combat ability, a standing member of Nouve's stationed Imperial Guard.

His second encounter, on his way home in the twilight, had been even less fortunate. The pair of Auroch oxen, wandering the outskirts of the large town, had for some reason turned aggressive on Kousei. Normally, he could handle such a threat easily, but his battle with the Abinnek had taken its toll both on his stamina, and his body. In fact, he had been on his way back to Nouve to find an Aeslmancer to patch him up, something he seldom did.

The bovines had encountered the wrath of his Howling Eruption, as his power had surged through him in a final effort to not be gored to death by the horns of the creatures. With his great strength they had been cleaved. With his flaming aura and skin like granite they had been pushed back, and the eruption of flame beneath their hooves had driven them off, even as his vergent howl echoed over the land, before he finally fell, exhausted.

That howl had reached the ears of Aleya Termuz, a young Felkan who had been out for a stroll by herself on this starry night. It was Aleya who found Kousei's battered body and did what she could to heal him, and Aleya who had the presence of mind to realize that her healing would not be enough, and had gone for help.

Nothing bothered the fallen Lycan. The ground where he had fallen was scorched by the flames of his spirit still, and the scent of burning grass kept most other things away.

Outcome: Kousei Gunnar has collapsed from exhaustion, and has been taken to an Aeslmancer near the Nouve Imperial Guard Barracks.