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East Leor Woodland, 12:22 pm, Erika Hyril vs Cerbant

Given her unfortunate experiences on the prior day, one would think that Erika might have taken a day off or some such. In fact, that had been the plan, but after a morning of relatively boring browsing of the shops near the outskirts of town, she instead decided to make her way to the East Leor Woodlands in search of herbs and roots.

Now, she was sitting, resting against a tree, listening to the sounds of the woodlands. A shuffling to her left, through the bed of fallen leaves nearby, caught her attention, but it was only a Kivlit. This was followed shortly after by a bolt of lightning descending on that Kivlit, causing it to twitch for a few seconds before attempting to scurry to safety. The Vios crashed through the light canopy of leaves before it could get far, and grabbed the lizard in its sharp talons. Erika did not even bother to move. Clearly it was not interested in her. She closed her eyes.

The sound of the Kivlit's struggle masked the other sound that she should have been paying attention to, causing her to ignore it at first. It was only the sound of thundering hooves that alerted her to the Cerbant's charge in time for her to leap to her feet, and furthermore, leap up the tree, almost immediately getting a firm grip on one of the larger branches.

The boar did not even bother to look up at her again, almost immediately starting to sniff around her pack. Erika growled, her shoulder still sore. She was not in the mood for another fight, but she had already needed to replace some parts of her distillation kit, for the month. She decided against the use of the shuriken in this case, knowing that angering it in that way would endanger her belongings, and instead made her way, hand over hand, to the trunk of the tree, where she began to climb down, to make the drop less dangerous.

A careful drop, and two shiki pierced the neck of the Cerbant. It bellowed powerfully, and dragged her through the leaves as it took off running, trying to shake her off. Unfortunately for the creature, Erika's unyielding grip on her shiki would just make things worse, as she simply let most of her body go limp, forcing it to drag her entire weight, causing the blades to cut even more deeply into its tough flesh.

Soon, the Cerbant gave up on this, trying to run in circles to gore her with its tusks instead, with minor success, but it was altogether too difficult to get good leverage. Her Feyn Flurry, fortunately for it was fairly useless. Its thick hide protected it from most of the cold, and Fenefora quickly canceled any lingering chill. There was nothing for the two to do, but struggle, the boar struggling to trample or be free of the Dracan, and the Dracan struggling to keep from being gored or flattened.

Finally, exhausted, the Cerbant fell, on top of her. With a push and a little Levitation, she lifted the large boar off, fairly sure it was no longer a threat. Then, rather than leave it to die horribly slowly, and also to draw any further attention away from herself, she pierced its throat and left it to bleed into the soil.

Outcome: Erika Hyril has defeated the Cerbant (taken 25% damage)
Info Alert : Erika Hyril gained 1 DSP exp.
Info Alert : Erika Hyril gained 2 DEX exp.
Info Alert : Erika Hyril gained 8 STR exp.
Info Alert : Erika Hyril gained 8 RES exp.
Info Alert : Erika Hyril gained 8 FCS exp.
Info Alert : Erika Hyril gained 3 RSN exp.
Info Alert : Erika Hyril gained 2 RFL exp.

Dauman Metalforge, Sinjira Village, 2:46 pm, Souma Dauman

Souma Dauman is a man in a peculiar situation in life. The heir to the hundred year old Dauman legacy. His great grandfather, Karsher, had been the one to accidentally discover the method for smelting Dauman steel, the most powerful steel known, for crafting any form of single edged, curved blade, and even certain designs of bastard sword.

The secret had been passed down through the family, of course, and closely guarded. Through this, the entire Dauman family prospered, both those who actually held the secret within their minds, and those who did not. Souma, one of the current keepers of the secret, was used to the subtle, and not so subtle methods by which many attempted to get a hold of that secret. Now, he was dealing with a young man who clearly thought he was a subtle and sneaky genius. Unfortunately, as usual, his 'opponent' in this little game was losing their match of wits without knowing.

"I'm surprised no one has ever simply melted it down and looked at the components," Ferin Dale laughed, admiring a scimitar fashioned of the alloy in question, "It seems like a simple enough thing to do."

Souma shrugged, smiling slightly, "They have tried, I'm sure. The method is more important. Much like bluesteel. If you melt it down and have enough patience, the composition of it is simple enough. Cobalt and a hint of maracil. But of course as soon as you melt it, the structure disintegrates. It doesn't even keep the nice bluish tint."

Ferin nodded, noting this, then, continued his stalling, looking over at the bluesteel blades that Souma kept around.
"So you keep these around mostly for comparison?"

Souma stretched, cricking his neck slightly, then looked over at the blades.
"Oh, no. Those are also my work. Excellent quality, each and every one. I consistently strive to perfect my bluesteel forging technique to see how closely I can rival the family steel. Besides, our steel is rare and difficult to make. In fact, as you can see, there isn't a single ingot of it here. We don't even make ingots, actually. The molten steel goes straight into the cast and gets made into a blade in the same day."

Ferin's eyes gleamed, as he felt that he was managing to get extra information out of Souma with his skilful questioning.
"Oho, so if I were to bring you the components to make me something, a katana perhaps, you would be able to charge me less? Perhaps just for your labor and for your 'secret'?"

Souma had turned away to tend to one of his nieces bringing him something from the back of the forge, but now, he turned back to Ferin, with a grin, and said, "Sure, no problem."

"Good to know. So do you start with any particular form of other steel? Redsteel perhaps? Dauman steel does have a strange reddish patterned tint to it."

Souma placed his elbows on the table, and looked down at the paper where Ferin was scribbling his notes on the matter, then provided more information.
"Actually, that's part of what makes it so insanely difficult to make and expensive. That's gold, in there, causing that effect. I know it seems ridiculous, but there really is gold in our steel. As for where to start, basic steel, probably from a high-carbon batch. The others are no use to us."

Ferin paused, wondering if this was a joke or if Souma was mocking him, but the man had also told him that people had melted down Dauman steel before.

"So, yeah, you just bring me a bit of gold, and a little nichrome ore from somewhere, and I guess you can bring an ingot or two of regular carbon steel if you want. I'll do the rest. Now you'll have to excuse me, Mr. Dale. Stuff to do, and all that, you know?"

Outcome: Ferin Dale now knows the 'identity' of the components of Dauman steel.

Beurve Forest, 7:34 pm, Arianna Logan & Ravens vs Silverback Python

The fading light from the late sunset was still enough to allow Arianna to do a bit more searching for items in the Beurve Forest. Unfortunately, this meant that she kept most of her attention on the ground rather than the trees above, and it was only a screeching warning from Jamila, practically directly into her left ear, that made her react.

"Snake, Ari!! Snake!"
The Silverback Python dropped out of the tree, narrowly missing her, as the ravens fluttered off her. Arianna stumbled backward, falling, only barely bracing herself. The python would not exactly be inclined to treat such a large creature as an easy meal, but it still seemed to intend to at least attack.

Arianna had no choice but to face it. Outrunning the python whilst carrying nearly thirty pounds of sugar was out of the question, even for the trained gymnast. She quickly slung the bag into a safe nearby crook between two roots, and leapt to her feet, flicking out her ribbon like a whip against the snake. The razor-like edge of it cut cleanly into even the tough skin of the Silverback, causing it to recoil in pain, before its spirit energy began to gather.

Another flick of her body sent the ribbon arcing across the snake's back again, and the darkness was illuminated then by Jamila's Cosmosphere as it flew through the air, barely missing the target. Arianna took that moment to get her bearings more completely, in the dim forest. The python coiled its body and lunged, but Arianna slid easily to the side and out of the way, only being clipped by its attack.

There was a faint glow around the creature's body. Aegenesis. This was followed by another Cosmosphere from Jamila, this time striking the snake directly on its head, stunning it. Arianna somersaulted, bringing her heel down on the back of the creature's neck, before vaulting off it into the air, and levitating to allow herself to grab onto a branch and swing herself up. Here, she was safe from most things that a Python could do, but it would not help her deal with its presence.

Miriam dived at the reptile, appearing to split into three ravens, and attacking it directly with beak and claws. The Python's jaws snapped down on one of the raven images, but closed on nothing. In that moment, Miriam blasted it with an Aquasphere and spun, arcing upward.

The creature's tail curled around, lashing her, but only clipping her wing and destabilizing her flight long enough to send her skidding into the leaves for a moment. Jamila instantly released another Cosmosphere at it, and Arianna took that moment to dive out of the tree and release a Black Khaos Meteor directly into the snake's midsection. The Silverback healed itself somewhat, almost immediately, and turned back toward her, but that had been the plan. Now, Jamila and Miriam both attacked it from different sides again with their energy spheres, and as it reared up, Arianna sent another Khaos Cutter directly into its neck, then flicked out her ribbon to wrap around the very same neck.

Again, the snake began to heal itself, and so, Arianna yanked on the ribbon, causing the bladed edge to slice deeper in, making the healing of that, at least, impossible. The Python thrashed, collapsing the ground under her feet, but Arianna kept her balance, and another Khaos Cutter sliced into its body. Now, she lifted off the ground again, to remove any danger of further Gaav Howl attempts by the Python.

It thrashed even more wildly against the ribbon, forcing Arianna to Veynwing to keep from being the one yanked down towards it, but another Black Khaos Meteor turned out to be all that was really needed to render the creature quiet. She landed gracefully, and Jamila and Miriam landed on her shoulders.

The Python took its chance. It had 'played dead' just for this moment, and another Gaav Howl caused her to almost fall again, and to bang her knee painfully against a protruding root.

The Python reared up, but just as it was about to lunge, a piercing shriek filled the air, and the forest was illuminated by a powerful bolt of electricity that arced out of the canopy and struck the already damaged reptile dead almost immediately.

The wingflaps made it obvious what the creature was, and now Arianna wondered if she would need to fight yet again. After a few seconds passed with no attack on herself, she took a chance, letting the energy flow through herself, and broke into song. Her melody had barely begun before the wingflaps resumed, descending towards her, and her savior revealed himself.

"Vincent!" Miriam squawked gleefully now. The Vios landed and 'sang' a greeting in response. Arianna sighed with relief, the tension practically flushing out of her body. She dropped to her knees and hugged the great lightning bird. It was always good to see a friend.

Outcome: Arianna Logan has defeated the Silverback Python (taken 15% damage)
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 3 DSP exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 1 DEX exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 3 RES exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 4 FCS exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 8 RSN exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 1 PCN exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 3 RFL exp.