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Skye Glavan's House, Vesper City outskirts, 11:23 am, Jacob Bohnel & teacher Skye Glavan

Skye had not liked this young Human much. From the moment the Siren had touched his mind and seen his memories, she had been able to identify him as one who was slightly spoiled. She much preferred the honest, usually 'financially impaired' prospective Tamers who came to her, doing things like taking care of the area around her house, or odd jobs, or even, in the case of a few that she had put great trust in, staying in her house while she was up in the Dens. Of course, this was usually with Imperial Guard supervision, but that was easy to get.

Skye Glavan, one of Vesper City's best known Dragon Tamers, or as she is known to refer to herself and others as, Dragon Helpers. A firm believer in the concept that the mighty Dragons are clearly equal to, if not superior to, people, and should be treated with the accordant respect. Most other Dragon Tamers find no problem with this outlook, and some have even been influenced by Skye to refer to themselves as Dragon Helpers, though such tends to 'wear off' after awhile, purely because the general populace does not use the term.

She sighed now at the young man, leaning over his shoulder, pointing out the relevant part of the text. She had decided to give him a chance because though he seemed spoiled and a bit impatient, there was no overt malice or arrogance in him. Just an unfortunate child whose parents had been a little too rich and a little too indulgent. If there was anything Dragon Taming would train out of a person, it would be impetuousness.

She slid her long brown hair behind her ear and continued her lesson.
"It is very important to understand this aspect of dragons, because both your life and the Dragon's life depend on it. A Dragon flies partly by use of Levitation, especially when they are taking off. Now, most people do not know the specifics by which the Levitation essence works. You don't seem to be familiar with it either so I will explain."

She could hear him sigh slightly. That, she could allow. She was never one to try to claim that certain theoretical parts of the art were boring. The fact that she herself was so versed in the knowledge did not give her the delusion that it was riveting to everyone else.

"Levitation of the self is easier by far than Levitation of external things. One requires the focusing of spirit within the body, the other, externally, and at range. Most Dragons have the highest possible level of Levitation bonded to their tidal gate, and unlike people, this is actually not 'overdoing it' for them. In nearly all cases this will allow the creature to lift its own weight at the least, and usually yours in addition, but you have to be very aware of how much weight you are asking it to lift, when you are carrying things. When the Levitation is not enough, they expend large amounts of energy flapping to get high enough for the winds to help their flight. Therefore, just as you sometimes must drop heavy items to escape from creatures, the same must be considered for the Dragon. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms. Glavan..." the boy sighed, "Can't we skip this? I'm sure I can learn this later. I want to get to the bonding and taming parts..."

Skye did not bother to check her anger this time, striking the table hard with her palm, making a loud 'bang' that startled him.
"You are trying my patience. One more comment like that and I will teach you no further. If you wanted to do this the half-assed way you should have gone to apprentice to Morgan or someone equally willing to do what you say just because you flash some electrum in their faces. If you come to me, you learn it right!"

"Y-yes ma'am," he quivered now. Skye's eyes narrowed. Clearly the boy was unused to being told off at all, yet he really did not possess the arrogance that most of his type did. A noble's son without the idea that he was one of the most important beings in the world. Rare.

"Good, now listen carefully. Each dragon, despite binding the highest possible Levitation, has a different capacity for lift, and only highly trained ones can be taught to externalize the essence--"

Outcome: Jacob Bohnel has paid Skye Glavan 32 silver for two hours of lessons.
Outcome: Jacob Bohnel has gained 8 Dragon Taming exp.

Main Performance Tent, Leor Imperial Capital Outskirts, 6:22 pm, Saturnelia Vischotti

The moment had come. The Felkan had been rehearsing this act for quite awhile now, building on her old performance. This 'season', she needed to have something ready for the people that would astound them like never before...

Saturnelia Vischotti, a member of a traveling performance troupe, a postgraduate student of the prestigious Dartworth Finishing School, and a young woman determined to become one of the Empire's greatest entertainers. Within the tent, the audience sat mostly in the dark and silence, now, waiting for the next act. That next act, was her. She moved out onto the stage silently, and waited. The curtain parted, letting in the slivers of light from the entrance and the few scattered shimmerstones in the upper section of the tent. Behind her, the sound of drums and a flute wafted out over the audience, soft at first, and then, with a bang, the other drummers began, she flooded the area around herself with light, and her performance began.

From her lips now burst a most melodious, inspiring song, written for her especially by another talented youth she knew. It did not fail to get its intended reaction. The crowd immediately began to applaud, at her 'entrance'. Now, she began to spin, and dance, manipulating a large hoop of water around herself as if it were an extension of her body. Every droplet that escaped her control, or seemed to, splashed off her skin or the leather she wore, instantly becoming a shimmering ice crystal through contact with her aura, and floated through the air, decorating it, reflecting beautifully whenever she illuminated that air around herself.

Her movements grew faster, in time with the music of the drums and flute, which was now joined by the beautiful 'cry' of two dueling violins. Graceful, and with nearly perfect control, she completely captivated the audience, since, despite her consistent, and obviously taxing movement, she sang without even seeming to need to breathe, holding notes far longer than many would have imagined she could.

Now, her movements and twirling slowed, she allowed the Wild Maelstrom which she had been controlling all that time to spin into the air and dissipate, raining down, and at the same moment flooded the stage with another Mira Shimr, followed immediately by a Zauv Dimm that did not reach as far as the light, causing the area around her only, to darken, and the illuminated water droplets to become a mist that shone like a rainbow in all directions as it slowly settled around her.

Now, as she faded into view again, she stood still, her voice taking on a different timbre, and the pace of the song changing. As she sang, tiny blips of energy began to gather in the air around her now, of many colors, and types. Tiny sparks, large fluttering snowflakes, little floating flames... As more of these energies gathered, she began to dance again, and they followed her movements, decorating every movement, shimmering and reflecting off her skin. Neither her dance nor her singing stopped for another twenty seconds, holding the audience absolutely spellbound for that entire duration, until finally, she again brought forth the Wild Maelstrom and went into a spin, as the music approached its crescendo.

Her final movement was to again release the water energy, blasting it outward into mist, and creating the rainbow once more, whilst her own form was blanketed by darkness, vanishing from their view. The music faded away now, and as the stage's light returned to normal, there was no sign of the singing dancer. The audience broke into uproarious cheers and applause, which, halfway through its diminishing, doubled in intensity again as she came out from behind the curtain to take her bows.

Outcome: Saturnelia Vischotti has completed another incredible performance.
Info Alert : Saturnelia Vischotti gained 6 Choral Performance exp.
Info Alert : Saturnelia Vischotti gained 2 DSP exp.
Info Alert : Saturnelia Vischotti gained 2 FCS exp.

Back room of Amdom Greengrocer's, Keith, 6:55 pm, Dominic Amdom & Ian Corliz 'vs' Harry Enn

"One more game! There's no way!" the chubby Siren demanded. Dominic's face took on a very particular 'why me?' look, causing Ian, standing behind him, to chuckle. The game the men played was a fairly complex one. Based on luck, strategy, and in some cases plain skill, it could go on for hours, and that was in effect what had happened on this evening. Harry Enn had, so far, lost far more times than he had won, but skilful betting on his part, when he was fairly sure his chances were large, had kept Dominic Amdom from emptying his wallet early on.

Dominic's gleaming green eyes were now beginning to dull with boredom. It was a game the Elvan man enjoyed, but he was simply tired of playing now. He ran his fingers through his reddish brown hair and responded to his 'customer' politely, "Sir, I'm sure it must be seven by now. It's time for my break. Despite my status as main host, I also have other things to do."

"Double or nothing, then. Just three rounds," Harry offered, smirking. He knew that no sensible gambler could resist those odds on three rounds of 'Law Of Nature'. Three rounds also could take no more than three minutes. Dominic hesitated, then nodded.

The game was not exactly simple. The dealer dealt the player six cards from a thirty card deck, then shuffled the remaining twenty four and placed three face down on the table. The dealer could then look at the three cards, and choose to rearrange them to place the one of their choice, in the middle. This was the vanguard creature.

The player would then choose at least one card from their hand and place it opposite the card they thought they could trump, and then place a wager on the outcome of the 'battle' that would occur between the two creatures when the face-down card was revealed. There were rules regarding what creature could defeat what others. Simple rules. If the player chose, they could play more than one card. If they played a card 'against' the vanguard creature, their winnings would increase if they won, with no penalty if they lost. Defeated creatures of the player returned to the deck. Defeated creatures of the dealer were added to the hand. The game ended when the dealer surrendered, or there were no more cards in the player's hand.

Dominic shuffled once more, dealt Harry his cards, and placed his three cards down. He checked them for the sake of it, and found that he did, indeed, wish to rearrange the cards. He placed the one which was on the left flank, in the middle, and awaited Harry's play.

The Siren grinned now, letting himself enjoy the mirth he had tried to suppress since seeing his hand. He bet high, then gleefully placed his Black Emperor Python card opposite Dominic's Vanguard creature. Dominic flipped the card up. Kivlit.

Harry laughed. The Black Emperor Python was one of the most powerful cards he had seen in this deck. The chances of Dominic getting either of the other two cards that would matter, were small, giving him a good chance of sweeping the game if Dominic did not surrender now. That was what he was expecting, therefore why he bet so high. To his surprise, Dominic nodded, picked up the other two cards, and shuffled the deck again.

"Aren't you gonna give up? Not much chance of you actually getting anything to stop this," Harry chuckled.

"Making up for that second game where your entire hand turned out to be weaklings," Dominic smiled, before dealing out his three cards and checking them. He did not bother to rearrange them. Harry laughed again.

"Can't even manage, huh? No prob then. Five electrum, and Python again. Looks like I'm today's big winner after all."

"Not quite. Combination," Dominic said, flipping over the three Feathered Ox cards at once. He calmly moved the coins to his side of the table, and picked up all four cards.

"What the!? No way! That's impossible luck!"

Dominic sighed, "Don't you practice this game, sir? I'm willing to 'bet' that you have no Feathered Oxen in your hand. There are at least six in the deck. In fact, two were played last round too. I put the Kivlit in the middle so I would not lose any when you struck, and of course to thin the deck by one. I admit I wasn't expecting three, but if not them, then perhaps something else good?"

Harry blanched. Dominic had not only read him, but outsmarted him easily. Now, he was left without his power hitter, and no combinations existed in his hand. This would all come down to whether or not Dominic's next three cards contained one of the three 'big hitters' he had seen in the deck. One Bahamut, one Black Emperor Python, and one Elite Imperial Sigil card. The last one, he had at least a chance of defeating with his Greatwolf if he played it alone and used its "Solo Feral" bonus ability. He decided to play it safe.

Dominic dealt out his three cards, and rearranged them again. Harry made a modest bet, enough to end the day with about as much as what he brought, if he won. He was sure he could win. He played the Greatwolf against the left flank card, forfeiting the Vanguard Defeat bonus, sure that Dominic's luck had granted him the Bahamut.

Dominic flicked up the left flank card, declared 'combination' and flipped up the right flank card as well. Again, two Feathered Oxen. Harry's jaw dropped. The third card, the vanguard... was only a Trickworm.

"Nice playing with you, sir... now if you'll excuse us, it really is time we closed up."

Outcome: Dominic Amdom has 'defeated' Harry Enn at 'Law of Nature' (gained 244 silver)