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Almica Canyon, 7:15 am, Teron Mobius vs Vios

Teron had left Erwule early, bidding his innkeeper goodbye. His stay there was over, and he had paid the twenty one silver that the three days had cost him. Today, they had served a good breakfast, even as early as one such as he would require it. Now, he was taking the risk of going through the Almica Canyon to reach the Imperial Capital.

A large winged one had been circling overhead since he entered the canyon. At first, it had made Teron uneasy, but the bird had made no move for the last ten minutes, and so, he had ignored it. A Vios. Even if he wanted to attack it at long range, his only essence directly suited for doing so was also of the Lightning element and unlikely to bother the bird much.

The Zelfin Bolt unleashed down upon him now was a bit of a surprise, therefore. Enough of one that Teron took the full brunt of it, his body twitching in the moments directly after. The Vios swooped downward, but though his body could not move, Teron had already began to gather his energy. As soon as he could move again, he dashed for the nearest canyon wall. It was not really 'cover', but it would make the attacks of the Vios easier to deal with, until he could reach the cleft in the rock ahead. An Ionosphere narrowly missed him as he skirted the rock face toward that cleft.

As he feared, the Vios made its dive anyway, apparently 'sure' that it would get him. He spun, as his body became like steel, and as soon as he was sure it was close enough, swiftly closed the distance, with his left forearm extended, as if for a guard, and his palm open. The Vios, clearly surprised, blasted Teron with an Ionosphere to the head, intending to stun him, but this was only moderately effective on the Human, and as its talons descended upon him, Teron blocked its right talon with his blacksteel bracer, and then spun, grabbing that talon, even as its left talon scraped against his hardened skin, drawing blood despite the power of the Solidara, but not much.

A fierce backhand now struck the bird in the chest, just as it flooded the area around them with electrical energy. Teron spun the bird so that it backed him, and it simultaneously twisted its talons inward, slicing into his thighs. The energy he had been gathering to heal himself, Teron released now, as he flicked the bird over, turning it upside down. As he did so, it got two or three 'pecks' in, but this barely hurt him. What did hurt was the incredible shriek the bird made as he did so, so painful that one with less training might have let his opponent go.

Grappling with the Vios, his augmented strength allowed him to manage to keep a firm grip on it, despite the paralyzing effect of its aura and clawing of its talons , pinning its wings to its sides and holding it with its head toward the ground, ignoring the pecking attempts made on his thighs. Another earsplitting screech inspired Teron to get this over with, and he dropped the bird's head into the ground with a piledriver just as it blasted him with the close range electrical discharge that it had been charging for.

Unfortunately for the Vios, like all birds, its body was not designed to take impact damage. Only Teron rose, after this, checking himself for scrapes, and closing his eyes to gather the energy to heal himself again.

Outcome: Teron Mobius has defeated the Vios (taken 26% damage)
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 5 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 5 DEX exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 11 STR exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 3 RES exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 2 FCS exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 2 RFL exp.

Beurve Forest, 12:05 pm, Arianna Logan vs Flare Mushrooms

The pair of toddling fungus-plant creatures had crossed Arianna's path just after noon. Normally, she left the creatures alone, as fighting them did very little for her skills or that of her Ravens, but today Arianna had spent nearly two hours training Nakita, and she was interested to see what he understood so far, and whether or not he would assist her yet, or simply flutter off and wait for the fight to be over, as he had the last time.

Flicking out her ribbon to its full length, she twirled it dangerously, and it cut across the 'skin' of one green-grey creature. The Flare Mushroom, unexpectedly, reacted immediately. Noon was not the optimal time of day to engage these creatures in combat. A powerful beam of light, reinforced to almost concussive strength by pure spirit force, impacted Arianna directly in the chest, sending her stumbling back. The second followed up similarly, winding Arianna and causing her to topple backward, landing on her rump. The pair of Flare Mushrooms did not approach, but began to shake from side to side, releasing their electrical spores into the air.

Jamila blasted one with her Cosmosphere, but most of the energy from the attack appeared to dissolve right into the Flare Mushroom's body. Fortunately, Nakita understood enough to at least follow up with a Gravisphere, knocking the creature over before it could release any fire petals. This did not prevent the creatures from using Spark Iris simultaneously, creating a sparking field all around them that discouraged the ravens from getting close. Nakita retreated. Apparently he certainly was not going to be fighting anything he could not even get near.

Arianna sighed. That question, clearly, was answered, but at least it showed that he was willing to pitch in if he could do so safely. She floated into the air a bit, and unleashed the first Black Khaos Meteor at the one Nakita had knocked over. The energy exploded against the ground, incapacitating the creature. From there, it was simply a matter of which could be repeated more quickly, the Mushroom's energy blast or Arianna's compound essence Black Khaos Meteor.

Unsurprisingly, the Fae's attack came first, though the Mushroom did manage to fire its own off, striking Arianna's shoulder. Though neither creature was dead, Arianna did not bother to continue the conflict. If they were unable to recover, something else would simply eat them. The natural way of the forest.

Outcome: Arianna Logan has defeated the Flare Mushrooms (taken 10% damage)
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 3 DSP exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 1 FCS exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 4 RSN exp.

Leor River, 1:09 pm, Erika Hyril vs Cerbant

The noonday sun's effect on Erika's mood was not as bad as usual. The air around the river was cooled constantly, relaxing her. Even the Auroch Ox she met up on seemed content to give her the chance to pass without trouble. She left it to drink, not bothering it.

The Cerbant, on the other hand, was not so inclined. Despite her similar approach, simply giving the drinking boar a wide berth, it turned as she passed behind her, out of its line of sight, and immediately bellowed and charged. Erika reacted just as it closed the distance, taking flight and watching it rumble past, beneath her.

"Ah... it must've thought I was trying to sneak up on it. Can't blame it for that, I guess," she sighed, slowly descending. She fully expected that now, since the boar again had her in sight, that it would calm down and return to its drink. Cerbant, though aggressive, normally did such. Their thirsts and hungers came first.

Unfortunately it seemed as though this one had already slaked its thirst, and was now in the mood for battle instead. It charged again, without the loud sound this time, and Erika again took flight, wondering how long the creature planned to keep this up. A second landing was met by a third charge, answering her question.

"How stupid," she sighed, "I don't feel like boar wrestling today."

She considered simply attempting to swiftly escape on her next landing, but if the Cerbant had 'locked onto' her that would be little use, it would follow her around all day.
"And if I start throwing shuriken into its hide it's just going to toughen up and make that useless, not to mention a waste of shuriken and energy."

She was not at a good angle to attack the creature's eyes or sensitive snout, and getting into such an angle involved putting herself in harm's way. Yet, there seemed to be no other option. She landed again, slinging her bag over a tree branch, and readying her shuriken.

When the creature charged again, she flicked her hand, flinging three at once, as she had been taught. One meant to be on target, the other two, simply hoping they found painful spots, in their impact. The main one did as she hoped, embedding itself in the creature's snout, causing it to bellow in pain. Another glanced off a tusk. The third stuck into a bushy 'eyebrow', missing the eye, but at least making it harder for the creature to see by causing blood to get into that eye. Another Levitation assisted jump was still required, to clear herself out of the way of the charging tusks. Pain could deter a Cerbant, but not mid-charge.

Now, the creature was shaking its head vigorously from side to side, attempting to dislodge the sharp weapons that were embedded painfully in its face. Erika again considered her options, but came up with nothing beyond 'rush and attack it'. Her Levitation was not strong enough to lift the boar itself. It could barely lift her, sometimes. She decided to use her only good option, throwing another shuriken to provoke the boar into another charge.

This time, she did not fly out of the way, but rather, swiftly dashed toward the river, with the Cerbant close on her heels. It did not check its charge until it was too late, ploughing into the river whilst she took flight to escape a similar fate. By the time she had turned, the boar had extricated itself from the weaker riverside current and got onto dry land again. Erika dived at it, and landed on its back, engulfing it in a blast of cold and flash freezing the water covering it.

The boar's thick hide protected it from most of the chill, but the frost covered its face, and the chill froze its eyes shut. Erika mentally cringed at the cruelty of what she was about to do, but steeled herself for it anyway. As soon as the Cerbant's Fenefora melted her ice and scorched her skin, she stabbed her shiki through its eye sockets, and into its brain.

"Why couldn't you just have let me go...?" she sighed now, as the boar's body slumped to the ground with a mournful sound, "Can't even eat you, either..."

Outcome: Erika Hyril has defeated the Cerbant (taken 5% damage)
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 5 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 2 DEX exp.
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 4 FCS exp.
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 8 PCN exp.
Info Alert: Erika Hyril gained 5 RFL exp.

Almica Canyon, 9:39 pm, Teron Mobius vs Vios

All day, the presence of various circling Vios had been making Teron Mobius uneasy. His morning clash with one had put him on alert, but since then, the two or three he had seen, had apparently been seeking other prey within the rocks of the Almica Canyon. Now, it was dark, and Teron had pushed himself nearly all day with little rest, determined to see how far he could get. He had even taken his routine hour or so of training, as this practice was so ingrained in him, that he could not ignore it.

Now, the occasional sound of a wingflap, high above, was beginning to make him even more uneasy. It sounded like this particular Vios was following him. He knew that the birds could, and sometimes did, hunt even at night. Their incredible eyesight apparently was a large part of what made this possible for them. Now, he reacted in time, as the illumination on the ground around him created by the Ionosphere was hard to miss. He leapt forward, rolling and turning all in one, to look up at the bird. Unfortunately this meant that the Zelfin Bolt which followed struck him directly in the chest as he attempted to scramble backward out of the way.

The Vios had merely used the Ionosphere as a sort of flare to illuminate its target. Now, Teron could see quite clearly where the bird was, and flipped to his feet, as it dived for him. In the dark, it was not quite clear where he should look for cover, but a ring of electricity could act as a very functional light source, even if it also worked as a beacon to his opponent. He quickly got his bearings, then flung the electrical energy up at the Vios, darkening the area around himself.

The bird dodged the attack easily, then sent another sparking ball of electricity earthward, in another attempt to track him. Teron was ready this time, springing out of the way of the Zelfin Bolt that followed. Now, the Vios dived, apparently sure enough of its target to make the attempt.

Toughening up now, Teron turned and again swiftly met the bird's dive with his own rush. The Burst Circuit generated around his right hand as he did so, gave them both just enough light to see their aim. The Vios did as expected, trying to close its talons on Teron's shoulders. This time, he was more ready, having learnt from his morning battle. The maneuver was repeated, only this time without the talon scrape. This Vios, like the last, made a sound that made him feel like his ears would bleed, and worse yet, activated its paralyzing aura earlier into their struggle.

Teron could feel the difference made by his fatigue now as he struggled to keep a hold on the creature. Its atmospheric flooding of the area with electricity only made its aura's effect stronger, and Teron was almost sure he would lose his grip on this one, despite his boosted strength. Surprisingly, this Vios did not peck at him really, instead struggling more fiercely against his slightly weaker grip. Finally, it broke free of him, but in that instant Teron spun in a roundhouse kick that caught the bird across the side of the head before it could right itself and take flight. It flew up a little, then apparently lost consciousness and fell, 'gliding' toward the deep canyon trench not too far away. It was only then that Teron realized just how close their struggle had brought him, to a deadly fall. He healed himself a bit, then dragged his tired body towards the rock face, and collapsed, exhausted.

Outcome: Teron Mobius has defeated the Vios (taken 21% damage)
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 5 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 3 DEX exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 10 STR exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 2 RES exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 4 FCS exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 4 RFL exp.

Almica Canyon, 11:42 pm, Teron Mobius vs Trickworm

The first set of flapping wings roused Teron from his unconsciousness only slightly. The second set of flapping wings stirred him to a semi awake state. Thinking that he could not be too far from the Capital, he decided to see if he could make it a bit further. The number of Vios flying around even at this time of night made young Mobius far too uneasy to continue sleeping.

Stumbling along in the relative darkness, Teron eventually stepped on something a bit too 'squishy' to be either rock or one of the sparse plants that grew in the canyon. It pulsed under his foot, instantly warning him that something was wrong. He leapt away, and formed a ring of electricity with his hands to see by. Before him, the unmistakable wriggling form of a Trickworm.

"Oh wonderful..." he groaned now, knowing what would come next. Surely enough the worm's elastic body lashed out at him, and his block was a little too slow. It thudded into his body then, but Teron's years of training in close combat martial arts meant that such a blow hardly fazed him. He simply slashed the worm with Burst Circuit as it dropped to the ground, then stamped hard on it. It responded by contracting powerfully beneath his foot, and hardening its body much as Teron did a moment later.

In his exhaustion, Teron could rely on little but his own fighting instincts, treating the worm very simply as an opponent with only one limb to attack with. He was buffeted again and again by its strikes, but slashed at its body with electrical discs whenever he could, and otherwise countered it at every opportunity.

His fatigue made the experience last a lot longer than it normally would have, but eventually he would simply overpower the worm, beating the will to fight, and the life, out of it, though it nearly did the same to him in the process.

Feeling like he could not move another inch, he crawled back toward the rock face again. Vios or not, he would have to sleep here. He closed his eyes once more, and lost consciousness.

Outcome: Teron Mobius has defeated the Trickworm (taken 32% damage)
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 1 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 4 DEX exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 4 STR exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 10 RES exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 11 RSN exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 4 RFL exp.