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Beurve Forest, 8:00 am, Arianna Logan vs Trickworm

Today, the young Fae had left home with a single general goal in mind. Turning a pantry full of mushrooms into mushroom soup before bed that night. This did not, however, mean that when she left her cottage at half past seven that morning, that the forest dweller would head straight for town. There was always a little to explore and check around. So far, she had already found a blueberry patch near a pool of stagnant water. Some moss and algae to take home to her medicine maker. Now, something else had found her.

Despite their intelligence, her Ravens did not recognize the Trickworm until it was close enough for its forward movement to actually be obvious. When elongated, most of the body of these elastic creatures seemed to be unmoving, unless one watched the progress of the head or tail. Only when Jamila recognized that the moving head of the creature was moving directly towards them, did Arianna get her 'early warning'.

"Back!" she told her Ravens, knowing full well that the Trickworm would not only gladly devour them, it was one of the creatures with the most potential to knock them out of the sky. Leaving her bag on the ground, she took to the air, and considered how best to deal with the ridiculously long worm in front of her now. The first action was simple. Something that would either begin a battle or 'inspire' the worm to retreat. Black Khaos Meteor.

The attack struck the worm just 'behind' the part of its body that could be called the head, causing it to swiftly draw most of its mass into that point, which in turn created a strange sound as forty feet of worm was pulled swiftly along the forest floor. Now, the Ravens had a target.

Jamila and Miriam now communicated to Nakita in their species' calls, making him understand that 'Back' just meant 'fight from far away' rather than 'do not fight at all'. Arianna would have preferred that Nakita, still slightly less experienced than the two females, stayed out of it, but he apparently was determined to help, a fact which turned out to be good, since his Gravisphere, following Miriam's and Jamila's attacks, stopped the Trickworm from lashing out at any of the three before they could get safely up to tree branches and perch, waiting for Arianna's signal, or some opportunity, to repeat their strike.

Arianna sent yet another Black Khaos Meteor crashing into the worm's body, but this time its denser form took the hit much more readily, and it counterattacked quickly, lashing out with its body. Arianna twirled in the air, manipulating her body weight as gymnasts do, but the worm's intent had been to get close, and underneath. Now, it pulled its body into a ball beneath Arianna, and shot upward, striking her hard on the chin and snapping her head back painfully for a moment.

Instantly, Nakita and Miriam took flight again and attacked the worm in midair, as Arianna struggled to right herself, thrown slightly off balance by the shock to the head. The worm flung out its tail from its ball-form, striking Miriam and sending her into a spiral, but before it could capitalize on this, Nakita's Gravisphere sent it flying into a tree trunk. Instantly, the worm absorbed the impact, wrapping itself around the tree. Jamila took her chance and sent a Cosmosphere at its stretched-out body, searing it with radiance.

Fortunately, it seemed as if the worm had got itself wrapped around the tree a little too tightly, and was taking a bit of time to extricate itself. Arianna's recovery led into a vicious 'ribbon dance' that cut into the worm's body at multiple places, before she focused some of what Leona had taught her into her next attack.

"Nature wants to respond to a Geomancer's will, Arianna," Leona had said, "All you have to do is give it the energy..."

These words inspired her now, and with a few seconds of extra concentration, Arianna readied what she believed would be her will to defeat the worm. For the third time, she released the energy of a Black Khaos Meteor. This one, strangely, damaged the worm, yes, but went right through it, also, being absorbed into the trunk of the tree. A moment later, the bark in that spot grew hundreds of sharp protruding spikes... directly into the Trickworm's body.

Outcome: Arianna Logan has defeated the Trickworm (taken 5% damage)
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 4 DSP exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 2 RES exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 4 FCS exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 2 RSN exp.
Info Alert : Arianna Logan gained 2 Geomancy exp.

Leor Imperial Capital, 1:39 pm, Teron Mobius looking for work

Teron had managed to stumble into the suburbs of the capital at two in the morning before collapsing on a grassy incline near a small recreational area. The few people that had noticed him had not figured he was a vagrant, but as he seemed to be merely sleeping and not desperately in need of help, they simply let him be. He arose before dawn, feeling slightly better, though sore, and wandered into the Capital, where he looked around for an hour before he could find an inn willing to take him in as he currently was.

Sienna Fern was a tall, almost stereotypically beautiful Elvan woman with a nearly constant slight smile on her face. On this particular morning, she had been overseeing a delivery outside when she spotted the exhausted Teron, and would not let him go any further. She gave him a room and an old sheet to sleep on, just this once, to avoid soiling the bed with the blood from his wounds. Teron had thanked her and fallen almost directly asleep.

He had healed himself up more after his rest, and used the baths at the inn to get clean. Sienna had smiled and told him she had expected him to clean up so well. Teron had expressed his gratitude, then told her a little of what had brought him to the capital. He had also asked her if she knew where he would have the most luck looking for work, information she had readily provided, leaving Teron to venture out into the noonday sun.

He had been wandering for over an hour and a half, finding not much luck. The problem was not his lack of skill, but rather his lack of references or native connections. Like most wanderers, he would need to take a simple job until he was settled in, as Sienna had suggested. This led him to the warehouse district, for if there was one thing you could count on a man of his build to be useful for, it was heavy lifting.

Even there, he had only moderate luck, with the first three warehouse managers he had met simply not needing any floor workers. The fourth told him a similar story, but unlike the others, Ms. Lanchell Burrows had at least another possibility for him.

"If you don't mind," the blonde Human told him, "You could work as our Night Watchman for awhile until you find something better. Since you say you're not only strong, but a trained fighter too, I'd feel better knowing that someone who could actually defend themselves was guarding the place."

"What about the guy who does it now?" Teron asked.

"He's no fighter, and he'd probably be better suited to something a little more business related. No offense, but he's more qualified for something like that, than you are. We just didn't really have anyone to replace him and Night Watchman is one of the worst things to 'ask around' for. You'd just end up with some thief whose friends would clean out the place three nights later."

"No offense taken, but... then what makes you trust me?"

"You didn't come looking for a Watchman job, and I guess you just don't seem the type who'd be up to shady business. Especially with no connections around here."

Teron hesitated, causing Lanchell to scratch her head of short dark hair and laugh at him.
"Not what you were planning on, huh? Tell you what, then. I'll be here until around seven this evening. Stuff to do. If you decide to take the job, or don't find anything better, come on back. If I don't see you, I'll assume you made out okay with some other job."

Teron nodded, and extended his hand to shake hers, thanking her for considering him, then turned and made his way back out into the early afternoon sun.

Outcome: Teron Mobius has at least one potential job lined up.

7th Floor Study Room, Verpett Tower, 4:55 pm, Eli Rodden and teacher Alzo Berge

"And that's why we charge them so much, and why you've heard about us making so much money. We make alot on sales, but not alot of that is actual profit. What you've been hearing, numbers wise, is just some guy bragging about the amount he managed to sell a single piece for," Alzo laughed now, finishing his explanation.

Eli had been conspicuously silent since the Dracan had corrected his notion of huge profits after all his 'hours of studying'. Now, Alzo's laughter died away, and he regarded the younger Daemon before him with much more serious an expression.

"Hey now, don't tell me you seriously thought anyone was going to pay anyone else hundreds of silver for what's usually barely a day of work, most of which is preparation and reading. Everyone in the world would be trying to become an Enchanter at that rate."

"I... thought that it was a matter of being intelligent enough to do it... and that most people just couldn't and Enchanters got paid so much because... they were rare..."
Eli's words came out as if they had been drowned in his disappointment and washed up on the figurative 'shore' of his tongue.

"No, son. Sorry to say, the reason Enchanters are rare is only half about the amount of intelligence and training needed. The other half of the issue is simply that people want to get rich quick, and halfway through the process of learning, most of them go 'well if the money is in the MiurreWood or the Spiritsteel or the rasmes, why don't I just provide those instead of the service and save myself all this studying'?"

"You have to admit... it'd make a bit more sense, wouldn't it...?" Eli sighed.

"Are you crazy, kid? You know how much you have to learn before you can make Spiritsteel? Or how rare MiurreWood is? Let's not even start on how often you find a rasme gem or get your hands on some proper, energized obsidian. You'd spend your whole life just chasing materials. Best to let the fortune hunters do the grunt work, and let the money come to you. It's a pretty sweet life, after all. Did you forget that I actually am rich? Do you think I go out and find Meteorite on my own time? I think not."

Eli looked down at the spirit resistance charts laid out in front of him. Each explained, in detail, how much spirit energy could be channeled into a material before it degraded or was otherwise destroyed, wasting the Enchantment. At the bottom of the list, the sixteen most 'accepting' materials in the world, other than dragonscales and the elemental gems known as 'rasmes'.

MiurreWood, accepting of anything other than Fire or Lightning energies. Spiritsteel, which resisted nothing at all, the perfect enchanter's material, save, of course, for being no stronger than steel itself, really. Kibir Coral, perfect for binding Water, Radiance, or, oddly, Lightning essences. Energized Obsidian, accepting Fire, Earth and Shade wonderfully, and Meteorites, which accepted anything but Water and Ice.

The incredibly rare Zoma crystals, originally thought to be some form of rasme themselves, but rather that which accepted Ice, Earth, Light and Shade with nearly no strain on the Enchanter. The scales of the giant Fearwing Moth, found only in the Republic of Molmoresa, a perfect medium for Light, Wind, and to some extent, Ice essences. NeveWood, considered a viable alternative to MiurreWood despite rejecting of all elements other than Aesl. Non elemental essences could be configured into NeveWood items without much difficulty.

These were the eight that a well known enchanter could expect to see within their lifetime. The other eight were so rare that five of them had been relegated to be mere legend, and of the three known to actually exist, nearly none of them were outside of the control of rulers.

Lumina, the Spectral Meteorite, said to fall to Mesdos only once every six hundred years when the planet crossed paths with a Comet. Gemeros, supposedly the heart of a Dark Gemenoid that had lived to be more than a thousand years old. Volcano's Blood, a legendary rock from the heart of a distant volcano that no one dared approach. The Eternal Ice, a mere legend, probably an untrue one, of ice chunks, from another comet, with cores colder than any point in the universe, which could never be melted.

Mesdos Iron, metal from 'bubbles' in the core of the planet itself, said to be tossed onto the surface once per millenia by a volcano that grows suddenly and then explodes. The World's Wind, almost certainly a legend, that told of a rock that exists only at the eye of an endless unmoving tornado. Similar to this was the Eye of the Deep, a gem said to be at the bottom of an eternal maelstrom in a sea far away, and finally, the most abundant and confirmed one, at least four real specimens in existence, the Immortal Kalmoross' horns, the horns from legendarily powerful members of that species of dragon, said to have lived so long that their horns took on otherworldly powers.

Eli looked over the charts one more time. The gap between items that would accept powerful enchantments and those that would not, was dauntingly large.
"So at best, I make maybe four or five incredible items a year... and spend the rest of my time binding really weak Swifts into people's smelly shoes..."

Alzo sighed. Another student who would either give up, or follow the path of the fortune hunter. His suspicions were confirmed by Eli's next question.

"So, exactly where does one gather Zoma crystals, anyway?"

Outcome: Eli Rodden has paid Alzo Berge 30 silver for three hours of theory lesson, but has decided not to continue his ambition of becoming an Enchanter.

Warehouse 4D, 6:45 pm, Teron Mobius & Lanchell Burrows

There was a knock at Lanchell's office door. A vaguely familiar voice called out.
"Ms. Burrows?"

"Come in," she responded. Teron Mobius pushed open the door, looking slightly sheepish, but trying to hide it as best as possible.

"No luck, huh?" she said, then, sincerely, "Sorry. I would have figured you'd have made out better. Still, to be honest, I'm kind of glad you're here. Now, here's the key to the guardsroom. You won't get a key to the main warehouse, it's not really necessary. If you lose it, let me know immediately, but no need to freak out. It's marked, so no reputable locksmith will even try to cut a copy. The two shifts are the usual. Five until midnight, midnight until seven in the morning. Even if I stay late or someone arrives early, you're still on duty. Let me know in the morning what shifts you'll be working so I can--"

Her explanations went on for some time, leaving Teron with a lot of information to absorb. He would be starting work the next night, and, unsurprisingly to Lanchell, he had offered to work both shifts, his first night.

Outcome: Teron Mobius has been employed as a Night Watchman at a rate of 4 silver per hour.