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Women's Hostel, Wasasaki Harbor, 7:12 am, Elise Matia, a proud woman

The morning sunlight streamed in through the space between dark green curtains, defeating their purpose as it reached the face of the sleeping Fae. Tousled butter-golden strands of hair did their best to succeed where the curtains had failed, but to no avail. The 'sleeping goddess' was forced to roll over to avoid the awakening power of sun. By then, it was too late. Elise Matia's dream had evaporated like morning mist, and she opened her eyes to look at the dingy, once-white wall, with a sigh.

"Good morning to you too, world..." came the sarcastic croak. Tattered blue blanket was unceremoniously tossed off her lithe, naked body, and she literally rolled out of the bed onto the floor with a slight thump. Below her room in the hostel, the cook, bustling in the small kitchen, noted the noise and sighed. The woman seemed somehow fated to never 'sleep in'.

Elise now stuffed a large piece of threadbare fabric which once might have been called a towel, under the shirt she had pulled on, and crawled across the floor quickly on all fours, opening the door to the small room and looking up and down the corridor to see if anyone else was around. Satisfied that no one would see her now, another quick shuffle on hands and knees brought her to the door of the hostel's upstairs bath. To her surprise and dismay, she found said bath to be locked. Groaning miserably, she shifted herself to sit on one side of the door, and listened for the sounds of running or splashing water. Aside from this, she could also hear faint singing. At least it was Petria in there. She sat quietly and waited until the sounds stopped, then knocked firmly on the door.

"Out in a minute!" came the call from within, "There's only enough water in the roof tank for one more person though, so if you want to bathe you'll be refill--"
It was at this moment that she opened the door, and ended up taking a look around to see just who it was that had knocked.

"Oh, Elise! Well, don't worry then. I'm not in a hurry today. I'll refill the tank once I'm dressed."

"It's my responsibility," Elise muttered, "Whoever drains the tank, fills the--"

"Elise!" Petria snapped, giving the smaller woman a glare that brooked no further defiance, "I will fill the tank! Go get your bath!"

Elise gave Petria an equally furious glare, but made no protest, scrambling into the bathroom and slamming the door behind her. Petria shook her head and walked away, back to her own small room. So much pride and stubbornness in such a relatively small frame.

Inside the bathroom, Elise pulled herself up and into position, unscrewing the valves that would let the water from the tank on the roof fill the metal tub. Today, she channeled more of her frustration into her Pyrosphere than usual, and it bounced around within the tub so fiercely that she feared it would be damaged. To her relief, this turned out to not be the case, but the tub did become unbearably hot to the touch for a brief period. This was quickly solved by the water pooling in the bottom of the metal construct.

She had long since learnt that it was a bad idea to heat the tub before putting any water in, especially in the cooler months. Now, she swirled her hand in the water, and then 'rolled' another angry Pyrosphere around the edges of the tub, followed by slight splashing to let the water absorb the new heat. Finally satisfied, she climbed over the edge and eased herself into the water, discarding her shirt, and her towel atop it.

The warmth of a bath was both friend and foe to the Fae. The heat of the water would always awaken the twisted nerves in her ankles, and despite not being on her feet, the pain was notable. Bearable, but notable. As always, though, it would soon give way to a feeling of complete relief. Once awakened, that warmth would act like a gentle massage to those nerves, the likes of which only one other source in the world could provide. She made a sound of contentment as the thought of Rion's hands on her crossed her mind, then pushed the thought away. It would be another two days before she could be with him again. Now was no time to be daydreaming about her lover.

Instead, she simply grumbled about the cost of living, and the political climate, and a few other of her 'small miseries' which she made a morning habit of rambling to herself about as she soaped. Today, she peered out the small, dusty window, noting the formations of the clouds. It would rain today. Her simple complaints now turned to outright cursing. Rain was the enemy. Rain meant difficult footing, and eventually, cold wet feet. Rain meant taking forever to track down the cats, and even the dogs, making her job far more difficult.

She held in the frustrated scream, then, reconsidering, ducked her head under the water after a deep breath and screamed there, letting the sound reverberate in the tub, back to her own ears, and silently hoping that her desperate outpouring of rage against her world would go unnoticed by the other residents of the hostel. She ended her bath by massaging her ankles, wishing yet again that she had the power to fix her feet on her own.

"It's alright..." came the memory of Rion's words, "Just a few more sessions and it will all be okay..."

Info Alert: Elise Matia gained 2 Psionic Resistance exp.