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Leor Imperial Capital, Imperial Palace, 8:13 am, Princess Lilmi

Princess Lilmi emerged from the ornate bath area to find her two servants standing beside her bed, and between them, her apparel for the day. She growled under her breath, having specifically ordered her head maidservant to lay out clothes that were 'not too fancy', as she would be going into town with her escort today. The dress and fineries laid out on the bed were anything but that. Lilmi's face became a dark pout. She knew very well that she had far less flamboyant things to wear than this, and had been expecting something along those lines. Now, this left her with a dilemma. She decided to try to solve it in the way least uncomfortable for the two girls awaiting her.

"Ah, the Matron must have forgotten my request..." she half-lied. It was at least possible, if unlikely. The fact that she personally did not believe the words she was uttering, for an instant, did not matter. She tied her towel around herself to keep it up, and made a show of inspecting her laid-out clothing.

"No, no, this just won't do, for my day out. I suppose she thought I was going to visit Narissa, or something, but that's not my plan for the day..."
She turned to one of the girls and smiled sweetly.
"You have a younger sister about my size, right? I've chatted with her sometimes. Could you go bring me something of hers to wear instead? Her best outfit that is not for the purpose of actually attending events. Like when you go to visit family."

"H-highness?" the young woman stuttered, blanching. Lilmi studied her expression for an instant, and deduced that she had just made one of those silly demands akin to what her sister Jaena did at times, with what would appear to be no consideration for the persons in question. She chided herself inwardly before continuing thoughtfully.

"Oh, of course, forgive your Princess... one cannot simply take the best clothing of another without compensation... she can have the dress!"
A wave of the hand, and a grin, which the nervous girl did not share, but she obeyed, gathering up the finely embroidered court apparel and moving quickly out the door, her heart thumping in her chest. Anyone who asked about it was sure to have great trouble believing her story of what Princess Lilmi had just said and done, but she hoped, and believed, that Lilmi would care enough to not let her get into trouble if it came to that.

The girl returned ten minutes later to find that Lilmi was already otherwise prepared, sitting on the bed, her hair styled, with her light jewelry and undergarments already on.

"Highness, I was not sure if you wanted the shoes to match it, so I brought them, but these are her best shoes..."

Lilmi smiled again, taking the clothes.
"Oh good, it's a jacket, that simplifies the hair," she said, pushing her arm through one sleeve. The simple garment fit well, and the linen was sufficiently comfortable, even though it was not of the usual top quality that her other clothing were generally composed of. Once she slipped on the light cotton skirt also, she admired herself in the mirror. She looked very much like a simple young girl, save for her elaborately styled hair. That would be fine. Her intention was not to blend in, simply not to stick out completely. She turned back to the servant girl, who still seemed nervous, and then checked the shoes. They were very slightly worn in places, and Lilmi wondered if this was what 'normal shoes' generally looked like. She had never paid much attention to people's shoes. She slipped one on, finding it to be very slightly too large, but not uncomfortably so.

"I'll just borrow the shoes," she assured the young woman with a smile, "If I find they suit me I'll buy another similar pair for either her or myself."

Inwardly she had already decided that these were her new 'going out' shoes. The girl's sister would have to 'put up with' a new 'princess quality' pair.

"Is it really alright for her Highness to go out looking like that?" the second girl asked, nervously, "I-I mean, the clothes are quite nice and suit her, but it does not seem like an appearance befitting a Princess..."

"I believe the clothes 'be fitting' me quite well," Lilmi punned with a grin. They both laughed, and for once she believed that they might genuinely be laughing at her humor rather than the fact that they felt they were supposed to. The thought made her happy.

"It's quite fine," she reassured again, "I am going to chat with some merchants about how their business is going, and just look at some of their wares. I rather not get all dressed up to walk around town, any more than anyone else would. I doubt your sister even 'dresses up' this much just to go into town, right? Princess or not, there is such a thing as overdoing it."

The girl who had provided the clothes found herself nodding, and stopped herself suddenly, unsure of whether or not she should be agreeing with this. Which apparently brought to mind another thought in her.
"What should we tell the Matron? She is sure to be concerned..."

Lilmi noted this, and moved to her table, scribbling a quick note on the parchment laid out there, then folded it neatly and handed it to the girl.

"Well, I'm off then! My escort is probably already waiting for me. Have a good day, ladies!"
She was out the door a moment later, leaving the two to frantically look around the room to ensure that she had not in fact forgotten anything vital that they would need to chase her with. It seemed not.

"What's it say?" the second girl asked furtively, trying to get the note from the first.

"I'm not sure we should check..." came the reply, as the note was quickly kept out of the inquisitive hands of her counterpart. The second girl pouted.

"Oh, come on, we need to know what it says, so we know what to expect if the Matron gets mad, right?" she reasoned, placing her hands on her hips and letting her face take on a serious expression. The other reluctantly unfolded the note, and they pored over Lilmi's slightly irregular penmanship.

"It is more important to do as a Princess asks, than to do what you think a Princess should ask. I'm counting on you to give me what I need, not what you think I need."

That was all it said, with only Lilmi's scribbled 'signature' beneath this.

"Oi... she's going to turn red when she sees that... will storm around in a huff for the rest of the day, I bet," the second girl sighed.

"Well, she won't be mad at us, and we have advance warning to stay out of the way. In fact, I think I need to be working on the laundry today! Yes! Laundry. Care to join me?" the first smiled, opening the door and holding it open for her counterpart.

"Oh, surely!" the other laughed, as they left the Princess' large bedroom and closed the door securely behind them.

Outcome: Princess Lilmi has traded for some simpler clothes

Beurve Forest, 6:39 pm, Teron Mobius vs Cerbant

Teron Mobius had decided to go for long walks today, doing his endurance training rather than his usual hours of practice in his martial art. First, it had been a ways into the Almica Canyon and back, though he had encountered no trouble there. Then, a shorter walk into the Beurve Forest. It was this trek from which he was returning when the Cerbant entered his vision. The boar looked across at him, and snorted. Teron, mostly unfamiliar with the creatures due to having lived in Erwule for most of his life and only visited the Capital a few times, now saw this as a challenge before him. He startled the creature with a powerful yell, having nothing at hand to throw at it, then readied himself, gathering the energy required to harden his physique.

As he planned, the Cerbant charged him, allowing him to sidestep at the last moment. The creature's speed allowed its tusk to barely graze his left thigh as it tried to turn in response, but Teron slid completely out of the way at that point, grasping for the boar's tusk, and getting a good grip on it, at the same moment delivering a powerful punch to its side. The creature seemed mostly not bothered by this strike, twisting its body simply to make a second more difficult. Teron's footwork negated that attempt, allowing him to strike again, hard.

Again, the Cerbant seemed mostly not bothered, and it now attempted to toss him, but Teron's weight and training made this impossible. Now, Teron's enhanced strength came into play, almost equaling the boosted resilience of the creature. The next fist strike nearly toppled it, but as the martial artist repositioned himself to get a good elbow drop in, he realized the problem. This Cerbant's Resilcen was powerful. Possibly enough to make this drag on. This was proven when his elbow drop did nothing to stun the creature, though it clearly did hurt it. The Cerbant rolled, then shifted, then pushed him off, struggling to its feet.

Before it could right itself properly, Teron's leg swept its own two front legs, but the Cerbant went with this change in its center of balance, landing on Teron's foot. This did no real damage to the Human, but it did force him into an awkward position where multiple stamping kicks from the other leg were required to get the creature's weight off him to the point where he could get to his feet again. This allowed the Cerbant to do the same, and it rushed him.

Teron had no time to evade at that range, but the Cerbant had not picked up too much speed either. Getting control of the tusks was not a problem, but Teron was skidded back and partly 'landed on' by the boar before he could get control of the situation again. The Cerbant's flaming aura now scorched his clothes and skin, as it struggled, gnashing at his face. He focused his strength again, pushing the massive creature up and keeping its teeth and tusks at bay with one hand. They wrestled powerfully for awhile, the heated skin of his opponent causing Teron's skin to show signs of slight burning due to the prolonged exposure.

Finally, Teron got the upper hand, grabbing the boar in a powerful hold and lifting its entire three hundred pounds off the ground. He twisted himself, and performed a powerful belly to back suplex, slamming its head directly into the ground. Only his great strength prevented him from hurting his own back overly during this, since, unlike a regular opponent, the Cerbant's center of gravity spent a bit too much time in the 'wrong place' in relation to his own body. The creature kicked and flailed, making it impossible to hold the pin, but Teron had no intention.

Rolling, and focusing his strength yet again, he struggled to repeat it, still feeling the burning aura on his skin. It would take two more such suplexes, and a powerbomb, to render the creature even unconscious. After a minute or two of heavy breathing, Teron got up and finished it off with a single punch powerful enough to shatter its skull, now that its resilience had fallen back to normal physical levels.

"Right... I'm not going through all that and then not getting to eat you..." he said a few minutes later. As extra endurance training for the day, he would test the limits of his powerful physique, and carry the boar into town, only occasionally wincing from the pain in his now burnt skin.

Outcome: Teron Mobius has defeated the Cerbant (taken 34% damage)
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 3 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 17 STR exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 10 RES exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 4 FCS exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 4 RSN exp.