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Verpett Plains, 4:42 am, Xlan Raglade & Sauslecht vs Abinnek

The Daemon's early morning battle with the Kivlit had been merely a warm up. Now, the Abinnek in his sights would be the main battle. For now, his Greatwolf companion would be staying out of it. Xlan would at least begin this battle alone.

The two throwing knives piercing its flank caught the creature's attention immediately, causing it to rear up and run, turning in a wide arc to make any further such attacks difficult, and to get a good view of its opponent. Even in the dim pre-dawn light, the Abinnek's sharp eyes could spy Xlan just as easily as Xlan could keep track of it. Now, it charged, having discerned this to be the sort of 'predator' best dealt with by incapacitation.

Xlan waited for its charge, gathering his energy to prepare to apply his own special healing and activate the toxin that had tipped his knives. Just as the Abinnek entered range, it sent out a shockwave that did little more than throw up dust and earth, and in that moment, leapt completely over Xlan's head. He turned only slightly before a powerful kick from the creature's rear legs sent him flying and skidding along the ground.

"Heh." This sort of thing did not bother Xlan much. He was used to such 'abuse' from the strange creatures that were sometimes at Sanctuary. Still, he would need to get close to bring the Abinnek down. It had already turned and was bearing down on him again. This time, Xlan readied himself with his knives again, and threw them before the creature got too close, forcing it to deflect the weapons with its shockwave, and spare him the 'dust in eyes' effect. It did not swerve off, though, instead leaping right over him again. Xlan instantly ducked, avoiding the follow up kick, and swung out his staff at the creature's feet just as they touched the ground again.

His weapon only struck one foot, but it was enough to hinder the Abinnek's movement as it bolted away. Now, it turned toward him again, the effect of using only three legs somewhat balanced by its own enhanced dexterity over the ground. Rather than charge again, it simply stood there, watching him.

By this time Sauslecht had figured out that if this went on, Xlan would at least be hurt, if nothing else, and now got in on the action, rushing the Abinnek from its rear right. The creature performed an incredible vertical leap to avoid the Greatwolf's snapping jaws, then charged straight at Xlan again upon landing. Rather than jumping now, it slammed its body directly into his, knocking him over and beating on him with its front hooves. Xlan's Martyr's Blood enhanced Aegenesis now reached the part of the creature's body where the mutating toxin had been delivered, causing the flesh there to morph and twist, weakening the Abinnek.

Unfortunately his grip was not the best, and he would be forced to endure a few seconds of hoof strikes to his body before a combination of the Changling Toxin's weakening effect and Sauslecht's attack brought the creature down.

Xlan's first act would be to investigate why the other toxin that coated his knives did not seem to have much effect on the Abinnek's muscles, but could find no clear reason as to why. Despite his wish to take it home with him for further study, Sauslecht would not allow it. The creature's body was now far too heavy to drag for even the wolf, and it would be sure to attract far more dangerous predators. Xlan eventually gave up on trying to convince the Greatwolf otherwise, and healed himself.

Outcome: Xlan Raglade has defeated the Abinnek (taken 32% damage)
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 8 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 2 STR exp.
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 8 RES exp.
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 8 FCS exp.
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 2 RSN exp.

Verpett Plains, 8:33 am, Xlan Raglade & Sauslecht vs Redcap Python

Xlan spotted the movements of the large reptilian predator long before it spotted him, and came up with a plan to get the drop on it. A slightly painful plan. Sauslecht looked on, concerned, as his 'little brother' stabbed one of his knives into his own body, and twisted it, cutting out a wedge of flesh from his midsection, carefully avoiding striking any organs that would make the process of healing this, more difficult.

This was followed by a strong Aegenesis to heal himself up, in order to avoid compromising his own ability to move in the upcoming conflict. Now, he 'hurt himself' again, concentrating powerfully, using energy from the breakdown of his own cells to increase his ability to contort flesh, causing that wedge taken from himself to twist and change shape into a wriggling mass. It was not quite as large as he had hoped, but without the chemicals most Aeslmancers used to increase biomass at his disposal out here, it would do.

Saturating it with the mutating toxin from his mouth, he moved, to carefully place it in the path of the Python, and retreated. As expected, the creature did not give up a free meal, simply swallowing the wriggling mass as it came across it. Xlan waited, for the signs of slight poison that the toxin would originally cause in a creature. It was difficult to tell, but soon he noticed a slight erratic shift in the snake's progression over the ground. It was at this point that he charged.

The Redcap could not fail to notice the incoming Daemon, and Xlan took another nine steps before he was sent hurtling to the ground by the gravitational collapse of the earth below him. The Python moved toward him, swaying slightly as the changling toxin spread through its body. Xlan was on his feet quickly, but the Redcap was just as quick, and even as he shifted to get a better stance for combat, the ground beneath his feet cracked and collapsed again. The Redcap was upon him.

Sauslecht moved in immediately, but by the time he did, the Python had already wrapped around Xlan's upper body, and its enhanced strength threatened to crush the very air out of his lungs. Despite the pain, the Aeslmancer focused healing energy into his aura, and into the hands that were now pinned to his sides. This did nothing to prevent the subsequent breaking of one arm at the elbow, and the cracking of two ribs. It was, in fact, intended to activate the secondary effect of the toxin in the body of the snake. The effect was a bit slower than Xlan was used to, as the toxin had diffused through most of the python's body, but this was, in effect, good, since he would definitely need it to do so.

Sauslecht's jaws snapped on the snake, in this case trying to get to its head, but the creature still had enough of its wits about it to dodge this, eventually keeping its head so close to Xlan's neck that the Greatwolf occasionally hestitated to risk it, especially after being caused to bite Xlan once by the snake's movement.

Left with no choice, Xlan again sacrificed his cellular stability for energy, and sent a rush of healing energy into the body of the Python. Finally, the full effect could occur, and the snake's mutated body slowly relaxed its deathgrip on his own, allowing Sauslecht to finish it by biting into its neck and snapping it. Xlan would spend the next five minutes painfully prising the snake off his body, and begin the long process of healing himself.

Outcome: Xlan Raglade has defeated the Redcap Python (taken 57% damage)
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 10 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 8 STR exp.
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 10 RES exp.
Info Alert: Xlan Raglade gained 15 FCS exp.

Beurve Forest, 4:37 pm, Teron Mobius causes a commotion vs Cerbant

Teron was actually rather glad that the Silverback Python he saw disappeared into the underbrush. Creatures seemed to have the annoying tendency to jump him after his endurance training was nearly over. Today he had walked deep into the Beurve Forest, heading north, and was now making his way back. He found the forest peaceful, and a good place to spend a hot afternoon, as mostly, it did not become very hot itself. This did not, however, make him unaware of the danger.

Now, directly in his path, another Cerbant, only slightly smaller than the one he had faced on the day before. The butcher, Mikal Koro, back in the capital, had told him that the reason why Cerbant meat was generally not eaten had nothing to do with the flavor, which was quite good, but rather the difficulty in preparation, as well as in hunting the creatures and taking them back to processing places such as his own shop. He had actually been amazed when Teron told him that he had brought the entire boar back on his own.

Now, therefore, Teron decided to make another 'go' of it. This time, he hardened his skin before yelling at the creature. At first, the Cerbant merely bellowed back and made no sign that it was going to attack him, but a rock flung at it got its attention, even though Teron did effectively miss. The Cerbant turned, sized him up for awhile, then charged powerfully, the few shrubs in its way simply cracking and snapping as the three hundred pounds of boar closed the distance.

The martial artist had gone over the previous day's fight in his mind many times since then, and identified the weaknesses in his boar-fighting technique. Today, he would get a chance to put his conclusions to the test. Rather than waiting for the boar's charge, he met it with his own swift rush, but did the same thing overall, grabbing onto the boar's tusk, and sliding his foot against its leg, tipping it off balance. A quick twist of his own body allowed him to grab the Cerbant around the neck, and immediately prompted it to engulf its aura in flame.

The heat rising against his skin and face was indeed discomfort. Even yesterday's bath had only done so much to soothe his scorched skin, and now, had it not been for the effect of his aloe soap, he considered that he might have found himself in too much pain to keep his grip. The Cerbant was strong, but Teron willed himself to become even stronger, holding it and grappling with it, slowly moving it into a position where he could unleash his new boar buster suplex technique. The struggle took quite awhile, a fact that was harsh on both Teron's ears and his skin.

Now he was beginning to understand the purpose of the Cerbant's bellow. One that few knew. It was not directly disorienting to his mind, but physically, it threw off his balance at close range. Apparently over the years, probably long ago when facing primitive hunters, the boars had developed an essence to make exactly this sort of thing, difficult. Therefore, he waited until directly after one such deep bellow, to right himself and lift the Cerbant off the ground.

Today, he lifted it higher, bracing it against his chest, straining his muscles. This time, his suplex did not involve any bridge. In fact, he had already started his roll when the boar's shoulders hit the ground, cushioning his own impact somewhat. The roll itself was more difficult, but as Teron had hoped, the addition of a part of his own weight to that impact seemed to be more effective in stunning the creature. Another two of these, and the Cerbant was finished.

"Hmm... I can still do this better," he contemplated, looking down at his burnt skin, "Took too much time in the grappling phase. Ah well. Maybe next time."

He was about to lift the creature off the ground when a strong electrical field engulfed him. The heat from their battle had attracted a Flare Mushroom. Teron groaned. A little pest. One that would probably not give him the time to just pick up the boar and make off with it. He swiftly rushed the creature, and gave it a kick, just as it released a beam of concussive radiation directly into his head. He did not react in time to dodge it, but fortunately that single kick seemed to do the job. The only further damage he took was from the fiery explosion around his feet that the kick triggered. Flare Mushrooms could be odd creatures.

Figuring that they had to be useful for something, he walked over to that creature, made sure it was dead, then stuffed its remains into his large bag. He turned back toward the boar, only to find that, on a thick branch ahead of him, a large Vios had perched, and was watching him. It too, had been drawn to the area by the commotion. Teron hesitated. Fighting the boar had been a strain, and he had no idea if Vios had a different way of fighting, in forests. He did know, that were he such a bird, his 'forest' style would involve a lot more long range attacks, and this was not his preferred way of fighting Vios.

Fortunately, once the bird had discerned that his prey had been a Cerbant, it lost interest and flew off, crashing through the canopy above. Teron sighed with relief and moved toward his prize.

Before he could heft the creature, a stream of vile acid struck his shoulder, causing him to whirl. Before him, everything seemed suspiciously dark. From that darkness, he could make out two descending shapes. Large. Bats. Another stream of acid splattered over his arm, though he managed to avoid most of it. Two Loct had been drawn by the commotion of everything.

Teron's schooling had mostly not involved too many specifics on the habits of the Empire's odder creatures, but he did remember being taught that these were fruit bats. Why they would attack him now, was unclear, but he was not about to give up his boar without a fight. Charging an electrical disc in his hand, he flung it at one, and struck true, causing the bat to fly into a branch. The second swooped in on him, again darkening the surroundings, but this did not stop Teron from performing a mighty jump, into a spinning hook kick that clipped the creature.

He had not managed to strike it as he had aimed, leading him to believe that the stories of their incredible reflexes were not exaggerations. He landed, spinning, and generated another Burst Circuit to fling at it, just in case the first bat had recovered. Surely enough, he was correct in his guess, but his somersaulting kick that met its approach also did not strike 'correctly', though it did result in another belch of foul acid stinging his foot up to the knee.

The bat still wobbled out of the air and fell. An irritated Teron ended that one with a stomp. The other met a similar fate a moment later. By now, he was breathing heavily, but, unwilling to waste his effort, he shoved their bodies into the bag with the Flare Mushroom, and returned to his boar.

Another stream of acid struck the back of his head, at the nape of his neck, confusing him utterly. He spun, and as if stuck in a time loop, noted the darkness, and the two shapes. More Loct. Cursing under his breath, he made his decision. If they wanted the boar, they could have the boar. He was leaving.

He took off on a sprint through the forest, but the Loct apparently had no interest in the Cerbant remains. They were after him. This became clear a few moments later when their skillful, almost silent flight allowed the two bats to draw even with him, one flying on each side. Suddenly, the path before him became dark, almost like night instantly falling. The hiss of acid from either side warned him. He attempted to increase his speed, but the darkness was his downfall, literally. Tripping, he stumbled, and while he did not fall completely, his stride was broken. Combat was inevitable. Teron rolled to his feet, and readied another Burst Circuit.

Even a trained fighter had limits to their endurance. Teron Mobius was, now, at least out of breath. His electrical attack missed the Loct this time, but he was able to dodge their streams of acid, having slung his bag off his shoulder in order to move better. They circled him, then simultaneously dived. He smacked away the one in front of him with a powerful backhand blow. The one behind him latched onto his shoulders, folding its wings over his face and covering his head in more disgusting acid.

Teron closed his eyes tightly, immediately, knowing that being blinded at this point, even if he had killed the other Loct with that hit, would be bad. Shaking off this second one was not easy, it seemed to have a grip on him that one would not expect of a creature that size. He eventually got a grip on it, though, and his bracers protected his arms from the next acid attack, for the most part. Hauling the bat over his head, he flung it to earth, and watching in amazement as it flipped in the air, spread its wings and flapped powerfully, three times.

It still hit the ground and needed to right itself, but most of even his force had been negated. Now, his attempt to kick the creature met air as it effectively side-hopped his attack. Flapping up now, it gave him the chance for another spinning hook kick, but this missed altogether. It spun in the air and belched acid at him yet again.

"Don't you all run out of that gunk?!" Teron complained loudly now. The area around the bat darkened, but his Burst Circuit illuminated it as it flew past, clipping the bat's wing. Teron panted slightly, and then flooded his aura with Aesl energy, healing his poor skin, which was now suffering from at least three different types of burns. The Loct made its mistake now, diving at him, and Teron managed another devastating backhand against it, stunning this one too, or perhaps killing it. He could not tell.

He could feel his heart racing oddly, his skin 'closing up'. The acid had compounded things. These were now becoming heavy, possibly even life threatening burns. His ears, neck, and a large percentage of his body now cracked and oozed painfully. He did not risk standing around in the forest to heal up, though. If this got too bad, he would simply have to get it taken care of by an Aeslmancer if his own skill was not enough.

Now, Teron dragged himself back to the Capital, and spent the rest of the day sleeping heavily, occasionally awakened by pain, which prompted him to heal himself to soothe it enough to get more rest.

Outcome: Teron Mobius has defeated a Cerbant, a Flare Mushroom, and four Loct (taken 84% damage)
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 6 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 15 DEX exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 19 STR exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 8 RES exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 12 FCS exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 8 RSN exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 4 PCN exp.
Info Alert: Teron Mobius gained 9 RFL exp.