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Verpett Plains, 4:54 am, Xlan Raglade & Sauslecht meet Triton

Dawn on the Verpett Plains was a beautiful sight. The distant Godaki Forest in the east did not hide the light as it crept over the sky, nor began to cause the dew of the ground to shimmer. Today, that dew was denser, and covered nearly every blade of grass in the area where Xlan and Sauslecht were currently walking, in search of a specimen of Trickworm for Xlan's studies.

Xlan was actually a bit tired, having been out for most of the night, as he usually was, but sleeping in the dewed grass was not on his agenda. More importantly, there was a large shape in the distance seemed familiar, but only slightly. He could not think of any landmark with quite that shape. It seemed too uniform to be rock, and a bit too large and out of place to be a tree. Sauslecht suddenly seemed wary, and moved around in front of Xlan as the Daemon moved to investigate, growling a warning.

Xlan stroked his 'brother's' side with one hand, as reassurance. His curiosity would not be tempered by Sauslecht's caution this time. Sauslecht growled slightly again, mostly in frustration. This was the usual outcome.

To say that Xlan was startled when the shape raised its head and looked in his direction would be a great understatement. Xlan recognized the creature instantly now, and his mind made the connection as to why there was so much dew. A majestic water dragon. It regarded him for a bit, then lowered its head again. Sauslecht dared not move closer now, not even to stop Xlan who approached anyway.

The Daemon now felt that he had seen no hostility in the dragon's eyes. He moved closer, slowly, until he could literally feel the creature's massive imposing aura. Tentatively, he reached out his hand to touch its side. The Triton's aura instantly made his hand feel oddly 'relaxed', but this did not matter to what he was about to do.

He gathered his own energy, and let it flow through his arm from his upper core, mingling with the spirit of the dragon, bonding with it very slightly. The Triton now raised its head again, looking back at this creature who seemed interested in touching its soul, and then, to Xlan's delight and surprise, it 'relaxed', allowing his Nebiltua Geminus to spiral through its form's energy.

Instantly, Xlan's mind was filled with a sense of the creature's body, much as any living creature has a sense of its own. The Dragon was tired, and full. It was now merely relaxing in the grass, with no tension in its body. Xlan smiled now, wondering what the great dragon was thinking, but his Nebiltua did not go quite that far. He remained like that for nearly five minutes, feeling its spirit, before the feeling of urgency flooded his mind. The Dragon's spirit was beginning to 'flow' into his own. Sustaining the link longer now could affect him badly.

Reluctantly, he drew his energy in, causing the Dragon to take notice, and assist him, 'purging' its own spirit of his 'mild intrusion', then beginning the process of levitating itself off the ground. Xlan watched as it spread its wings, and took a few steps back, giving the creature 'room' to take off. Had it been waiting for him to 'finish'? There was no way to know, but as the Dragon flew off, he felt compelled, somehow, to 'wave goodbye'.

Outcome: Xlan Raglade has been 'touched by a Triton'.

East Leor Woodland, 8:59 am, Arianna Logan & Ravens vs Silverback Python

The Fae crossed the 'line' that, in most people's minds, separated the edge of the territory of the villagers of Tenteri Ma, from the considerably 'wilder' woodlands. These were the hunting grounds of the Imperial family for many generations. Many an Emperor had learnt to hunt snake and boar within these trees. Arianna knew this well, as her father had brought her to these woodlands many times when she was younger.

Erika had remained in Tenteri Ma a bit longer, and would be joining Arianna soon, but today, soon would not be quite enough to help. The Silverback Python moved through the leaves swiftly, and Arianna did not notice it until yet again, a Raven's frantic shriek caused her to nearly drop her bag, which she was rummaging in.

"Snake, Ari! Snake!"
Her companion always announced such reptilian danger in exactly the same way. Arianna immediately put her bag on the ground, and looked around quickly in the direction she assumed Jamila had spotted the creature in, immediately lifting off the ground.

It was a good thing, because in that moment the python reared up and lunged, cracking the ground where she had been standing with its power. Arianna instantly felt a surge of strange energy within herself, as if her spirit was trying to 'get out' at the snake before she had even completely recognized the threat. Reactionary instinct. This manifested now as her most effective attack against most things. Black Khaos Meteor.

The snake twisted and recoiled in pain, healing itself instantly. Despite the fact that Arianna's attack had hit dead on, it was able to heal itself swiftly. It had no way to properly attack her, nor her three ravens, as long as they stayed out of reach, but Arianna really did not feel like waiting for the python to lose interest.

With a hand signal, she directed her three Ravens to attack together. Jamila chose to land and appear to transform into a small child. Miriam 'split' into three Ravens, and attacked directly. Nakita, not quite skilled enough to do either of these things yet, simply made himself appear considerably larger, then sent a Gravisphere directly at the snake.

Now, the confusion overwhelmed the Silverback. The three 'smaller' Ravens that appeared to be attacking it were obviously not the main threat. The 'bigger' Raven was. The 'child' in front of it then sent a Cosmosphere directly into its 'face', getting its attention. The Python immediately focused on the 'boy', and again collapsed the earth beneath its target. The 'child' appeared to float into the air, as Arianna had, but not very high. The snake surged forward, ignoring the bombardment of black energy spheres from the Fae and 'larger' Raven, despite the power with which those struck.

Now, it lunged, coiling around the child, which of course instantly vanished, but not before blasting it with another Cosmosphere. Arianna by now, had decided what to do, and had descended, grabbing the snake by the tail. The creature immediately turned, and lunged. Arianna deflected this force with her arm, but also allowed it to send her into a spin.

For a Fae, Arianna Logan was relatively strong. Strong enough, that with that extra momentum, she could spin even the heavy snake, applying levitation energy through its body to make this easier. She increased the speed of this spin now, forcing the snake out to its full length, then she 'spun' herself closer to a pair of trees...

The sound of the snake's head impacting with a tree trunk echoed through the forest multiple times. Even with its ability to heal itself, this constant abuse would eventually kill the creature through continued concussion and centrifugal force.

Arianna spun to a stop, then fell over into the leaves, her own head spinning. Her training had made it possible to keep it up for that long, but even that did not stop her from feeling quite queasy now. She rubbed her own arms, thankful that she had not lost her grip on the creature during it all. Now, even her strong wrists and shoulders hurt from the effort.

"Maybe the other way would have been better after all, huh?" she asked her Ravens now as they landed on her.

Outcome: Arianna Logan has defeated the Silverback Python (taken 11% damage)
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 4 DSP exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 4 STR exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 1 RES exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 2 FCS exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 6 RSN exp.

East Leor Woodland, 9:25 am, Arianna Logan & Ravens vs Trickworm

Arianna wandered through the familiar parts of the Woodland, heading northward, exploring, letting her mind remember the place. Her father had often taken her far deeper into the woods than this, and a lot of this area around where she would merely enter, was not actually very familiar to her. She was currently expanding that 'zone' of familiarity, waiting for Erika still.

The Trickworm she saw wiggle in front of her now brought her the instant feeling of wanting to be elsewhere. Her Ravens had already tired themselves a bit for the day, and she did not wish to push them into yet another battle. Unfortunately this was practically unavoidable. The worm was stretched out into a very large horseshoe shape, and the direction Arianna had chosen to run in was directly over a part of it.

This did not mean much other than that actually escaping from the creature was far more difficult. It did not give up, following her for quite a while, until Arianna decided that it would probably be safer, and far more prudent, to simply face the creature. Nakita was already apparently interested in attacking it, and had already sent two spheres of gravity energy at their pursuer.

Even as Arianna slung her pack off her back and whipped out her ribbon, she regretted not healing the 'damage' she had done to her arms. Still, it would not hinder her, merely hurt. She released a burst of healing energy into those arms now, just enough to ensure that the pain would not affect her concentration.

Illusions were less use against a Trickworm. The creatures did not see in the way most would expect, instead being able to sense changes in the resonance of the world around them. In this case, her command to her Ravens was simpler. Bombardment, nothing more. Their long range attacks would be what she needed now, to do most of the damage to the Trickworm while she faced it physically.

The creature wasted no time in extending its body toward Arianna, surging through the air toward her head. She gracefully evaded this, spinning the ribbon to cut into the Trickworm's flesh, but finding that its skin seemed to be protected by a dense aura, which somewhat deflected the ribbon edge.

She blocked its next strike, deflecting the sinuous body away and grabbing onto a part of it. As expected, the worm instantly compressed part of itself into that part, expanding to break her grip. Arianna responded to this by delivering a powerful somersault kick to that part of the worm, much like kicking a heavy ball into the air. Jamila coordinated perfectly with this, striking it with a Cosmosphere.

"Miriam! Water!" Ari cried out now, getting an idea. The Raven instantly sent an Aquasphere at its Fae companion, and Arianna 'caught' this, letting the liquid energy, and the actual water that had coalesced within it, cover her arms. Before she could put that plan into action, the Trickworm curled itself into a ball, shifted as it fell, and then lashed out again. Arianna spun, striking the extended body of the worm with her forearm, and the now damp cloth gauntlet.

"Sara!" she cried out, now, releasing a Khaos Cutter against the creature's body at close range, and simultaneously converting the water into a mist by the same technique. The worm ignored the extremely weak 'acid' she had created.

"Guess that might be a little out of my league for now..." Arianna noted, getting a firm grip on her ribbon again and attacking once more.

It would take quite a while for the trio to finish off the Trickworm, finally overcoming it through consistent bombardment of their own energies. Arianna sighed, as the creature finally fell and moved no more.
"Those are always going to annoy me, aren't they...?"

Outcome: Arianna Logan has defeated the Trickworm (taken 31% damage)
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 2 DEX exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 2 STR exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 4 RES exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 2 FCS exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 6 RSN exp.
Info Alert: Arianna Logan gained 6 RFL exp.