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Nuven Latera, residence of Tracia Nuven, 12:23 pm, Riddium Cross studying Cosmos Energies with Tracia Nuven

Riddium's stomach rumbled. Tracia laughed, and shook her head. Her new student's enthusiasm was matched only by his almost insanely determined nature. When he had told her of his situation, that of having taken a holiday from his work in the forges of Guld Aest to climb over the Snow Peaks to Doll Town, she had been sure he was joking with her.

It was only when he had knocked on her door at around seven thirty that morning, and she had been forced to explain to him that such a time was a bit too early to be arriving at someone's house for lessons, that she had understood just what a truly unique young man Riddium Cross was.

He had sought her out specifically, she had been told. The residents of Doll Town knew her as the general authority on the energies of the Cosmos, and most of them considered her a Grand Meister on the subject, despite her lack of formal recognition as such. Riddium had wanted to be taught by only the best. She had agreed without much hesitation.

He was not at all versed in the matters of the cosmos energies, meaning that she would need to do very little other than supervise his studying from her many tomes, and answer his questions, at least for a while. For a person to pay you four silver an hour to sit in your house and read your books, was not a problem for Tracia.

The relaxed Water elementa Fae woman did not mind at all, in fact. The entire lower section of her two-storey house was more or less a large library, used by many of the residents for storage of their books. She would not consider herself a librarian, but she certainly kept things in order for everyone, and loved to read.

On the previous day, the first day of his studies, Riddium had studied for nearly the whole day, making use of nearly all the daylight hours, save for the time around noon when he had fallen asleep and she had needed to rouse him to make sure he was alright. Today, he had already been studying for five straight hours.

"No no... you can't fight the system... that's not how it works," she now explained, "You just kind of flow with it. The movement of cosmos energy in and out of your body is, as I told you, just like breathing. All you're going to be learning is how to 'breathe' properly."

"I still don't get why it's something that people make out to be so difficult then," he said, "Isn't it just like getting used to it?"

She sighed and smiled at him, "Of course it is. But haven't you ever run from anything? Your breathing doesn't make too much difference when you're just relaxing or walking, but when you're sprinting? Or fighting? It makes a difference then. Developing your affinity to the Cosmos Energies is like doing breathing exercises and developing your lungs."

"So you're saying that there are ways to 'breathe energy' that I just don't know?"

"There are at least thirty different exercises that you will be learning if you want to master this. Ten of those are required for your basic training alone, but for now, please just keep reading about the various energies. The better you understand each element, even if you do not bind them all... the easier this will all be for you."

She got up from her seat next to him again, and wandered off, heading upstairs. Halfway up those stairs, she called back down to Riddium.

"Put away the books and have something to eat! You can't learn on an empty stomach, you know!"

He chuckled to himself before answering.
"Yes, ma'am."

Outcome: Riddium Cross has spent another morning studying Cosmos Energies, and has paid Tracia Nuven 20 silver so far for the day.
Info Alert: Riddium Cross gained 20 Cosmos Energies I exp.