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DSP: 6 DEX: 12 STR: 9 RES: 6 FCS: 9 RSN: 8 PCN: 20 RFL: 19 Current damage: 0%
Helm: Head: cotton headband
L. Earring: R. Earring:
L. Earring: R. Earring:
Neckguard: Necklace silver butterfly pendant
Armor: Shirt: sheep leather jacket
Vest: cotton undershirt Belt: sheep leather pouch belt
Back Armor: Back Pack: large wolf leather satchel
Mainhand (or 2-hand) bluesteel kodachi Offhand bluesteel kodachi
L. Armguard erucil spiral band R. Armguard
L. Gauntlet R. Gauntlet
L. Glove cesterene scale glove R. Glove cesterene scale glove
L. Ring silver ring R. Ring
L. Ring R. Ring
Leg Armor Leggings coarse linen slacks
L. Hip iron shuriken R. Hip velvet conoce's pouch
L. Shoe wolf leather moccasin R. Shoe wolf leather moccasin

Total Gear Weight: 3.9 lbs
Essences Inventory: 13.43 lbs
broccoli x2, distillation kit, electrum coin x100, latal nut, pear, pen, red oak bark, silver coin x73, slice of plain pudding, small glass bottle x7,