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DSP: 9 DEX: 13 STR: 9 RES: 8 FCS: 10 RSN: 7 PCN: 12 RFL: 15 Current damage: 0%
Helm: Head:
L. Earring: R. Earring:
L. Earring: R. Earring:
Neckguard: Necklace
Armor: Shirt: scribe's robes
Vest: Belt:
Back Armor: Back Pack: cloth draw-string bag
Mainhand (or 2-hand) keris dagger Offhand
L. Armguard R. Armguard
L. Gauntlet R. Gauntlet
L. Glove R. Glove
L. Ring R. Ring
L. Ring R. Ring
Leg Armor Leggings
L. Hip R. Hip
L. Shoe leather sandal R. Shoe leather sandal

Total Gear Weight: 4.75 lbs
Essences Inventory: 5.48 lbs
basket of black berries, broccoli, crate of eggs, electrum coin x10, fine feather quill, odycis fern, pen x3, piece of writing paper x10, sheet of parchment x4, silver coin x8,