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DSP: 6 DEX: 10 STR: 21 RES: 21 FCS: 9 RSN: 7 PCN: 7 RFL: 7 Current damage: 69%
Helm: Head:
L. Earring: R. Earring:
L. Earring: R. Earring:
Neckguard: Necklace
Armor: Shirt:
Vest: Belt:
Back Armor: Back Pack:
Mainhand (or 2-hand) steel butterfly axe Offhand
L. Armguard R. Armguard
L. Gauntlet R. Gauntlet
L. Glove R. Glove
L. Ring R. Ring
L. Ring R. Ring
Leg Armor Leggings
L. Hip R. Hip
L. Shoe R. Shoe

Total Gear Weight: 15 lbs
Essences Inventory: 2.92 lbs
basket of yellow berries, electrum coin x20, handful of kute mushrooms, red oak bark, silver coin x82, uncooked sausage x2,