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DSP: 13 DEX: 14 STR: 6 RES: 5 FCS: 13 RSN: 12 PCN: 15 RFL: 8 Current damage: 0%
Helm: Head: velvet ribbon
L. Earring: blacksteel hoop R. Earring: blacksteel hoop
L. Earring: R. Earring:
Neckguard: Necklace
Armor: Shirt: long-sleeved silk shirt
Vest: Belt:
Back Armor: Back Pack:
Mainhand (or 2-hand) mithril kodachi Offhand mithril kodachi
L. Armguard R. Armguard
L. Gauntlet R. Gauntlet
L. Glove cesterene scale glove R. Glove cesterene scale glove
L. Ring R. Ring
L. Ring R. Ring
Leg Armor Leggings cesterene scale pants
L. Hip pouch of fragrant oils R. Hip medicine pouch
L. Shoe black leather moccasin R. Shoe black leather moccasin

Total Gear Weight: 10.35 lbs
Essences Inventory: 14.09 lbs
bottle of apple juice, chicken egg x8, clump of green tea leaves x3, clump of pink tea leaves x9, crate of eggs x3, green tea, hunk of nevieck cheese, nevi cheese omelet, pack of beef jerky, pen, sheet of parchment x5, silver coin x174, uncooked sausage x10,