Explanation of the Game's Elementa and Stat Relations


The image to the left displays the Elemental Circle used by this game in its element system. Each element opposes, and is opposed by, the elemental force opposite it on the circle. No element dominates innately over other elements, but those in opposition tend to cancel each other out, leaving the stronger of the two sources the 'winner', and allowing it to dominate over the lesser source. For example, by simple 'energetic arithmetic', when a direct fire attack of level 7 clashes with a direct ice attack of level 4, the result is the reduction of the fire attack by four levels, and the complete nullification of the ice attack.

In terms of determining the elementa of a living being, the circle can be imagined as a clock, or simply viewed as what it is, a 360 degree, relatively 'analog' circle. A being's elemental configuration therefore lies on the external of this circle, at some defined point, either directly 'on' one element, making their elemental affinity pure, or between two at some angle, which in turn gives the ratio of their elementa between one and another. This can therefore range from a heavy dominance by one element, to absolute equality between two adjacent ones. Elements do not affect which essences one can bind to gates, nor do they directly affect the overall potency of those elements when in use. There is some slight effect on fatigue incurred when using elements distant from, or opposite to, one's innate affinity, but this is unlikely to have any effect except in the most protracted battles, making it basically quite alright to use any essence of any element. The more 'refined' (read: elitist hardass) mages of Mesdos will generally advise strongly against having your strongest essence as that of your opposite element, however, since using high level offensive essences is taxing to begin with.

When your Overdrive or Rage Flood is active, it is possible for weaker essences of opposing element to very strong ones to be 'overpowered' and not factored into the overall effect at all. The energy from that gate is immediately subjugated into raw energy that somehow augments the Overdrive in some other way. When essences of equal strength but opposite energies function within an Overdrive, the effects are cumulative, and often surprising. Overall, there is no penalty to an Overdrive's effect due to having conflicting essences.

With all that said, now we move on to the basic explanations of the Elementa and their associated statistics, as each is loosely bound to one stat. Please bear in mind that the personality descriptions associated are not rigid, and are usually either more of a stereotype or overlay of a defined personality. Those who do not have interest in writing their own story and defining their character are the only ones likely to find that they 'default' to their elementa persona biases.

Light Element, Dispersion Stat

The Celestial Element or Radiance element, referred to as Light for simplicity in some places, is associated with the Dispersion stat. Light is the element of those who value appearance, the external and tangible displays of loyalty and affection. At their best, they are charismatic and kind, charitable and inspiring. At their worst, they are intolerant, authoritarian, and unflinching in their dogma, quick to point out flaws in others to cover their own.

The Dispersion stat is the measure of a form's ability to channel spirit in an external, defensive manner, such as to block or deflect, or sometimes outright dissipate other attacks or effects. It is also used by healers to disperse lingering effects on forms.

Lightning Element, Dexterity Stat

The Lightning Element, that of electrical charges and discharges, is associated with the Dexterity stat. Lightning is the element of those who value intellectualism and idealism, and have great confidence in their abilities in these areas. At their best, they are confident, charismatic, inspiring, and often leaders. At their worst, they are arrogant, seeking to use power to manipulate others, often jealous of authority.

The Dexterity stat is a measure of a form's ability to effect quick, coordinated micromovements, usually referring to skill with the hands or a weapon. It could be considered to be a measure of general hand-eye or hand-mind coordination.

Fire Element, Strength Stat

The Fire Element, in truth being more of the 'Heat Energy' element, is associated with the Strength (physical) stat. Fire is the element of those who value dedication and perseverance, innovation of methods and tackling problems head on with proactive measures. At their best, they are focused and driven, relentless even when cautious. At their worst, they are pushy, easily angered, and intolerant of weakness in others or overly emotional people, despite becoming moreso themselves.

Strength as a stat is a measure of the body's ability to exert physical forces. Most creatures can heft and carry ten pounds per point of STR without too much strain. They can lift and slowly move about twice that weight, and they can push or lift even three times as much if they do not attempt to carry it.

Earth Element, Resilience Stat

The Earth element, that which governs the stable and predictable movements of the ground and most solids, is associated with the Resilience stat. Earth is the element of those who value structure, regime and stability, who believe that these are necessary for contentment and growth. At their best, they are solid and dependable, stable and able to weather difficult situations well. At their worst they are surly and resistant to change, sometimes seeking power for the purpose of stopping unexpected changes around them.

The Resilience stat is a measure of a form's overall resistance to physical pressures and impact shocks, usually determining their overall physical defense, and helping to act as the 'underlying' power of any armor worn.

Shade Element, Focus Stat

The Shade element or Compression element is associated with the Focus stat. This is the element of those who promote obscurity, value what they believe is the 'truth within', and often shun the 'illusions' of the world. At their best they are tolerant, calming, and quite stable when authoritative. At their worst, they are deceptive, vengeful and vicious, seeking to subvert or destroy that which they dislike.

The Focus stat is a measure of a form's ability to channel spirit energy to augment their physical and mental faculties in various ways, usually involving psychological endurance or concentration. Though it does not represent intelligence, the aforementioned increase helps with most tasks requiring long term concentration.

Water Element, Resonance Stat

The Water Element, more precisely that of fluidity, but usually granting control over all liquids, is associated with the Resonance stat. Water is the element of those who value emotionalist approaches and realism, and who believe in their perceptions regarding these things. At their best, they are understanding, nurturing and empathetic, often giving of themselves. At their worst, they are moody, prone to grudges and negativity, spiteful and predatory.

The Resonance stat is a measure of a form's ability to move the entire body in 'sync', making macromovement such as dancing, countering and evading, easier. Functionally it can also be considered to measure flexibility.

Ice Element, Precision Stat

The Ice element, moreso the 'Cold' or heat dissipation element, is associated with the Precision Stat. Ice is the element of those who value efficiency and refinement, 'taking a step back' and superanalyzing problems and situations. At their best, they are efficient, focused and assistive, facilitating and quiet. At their worst, they are bitter, sarcastic and patronizing, emotionless, and often unhelpful as 'vengeance' for whatever 'wrong' they perceive themselves to have endured.

Precision as a stat is basically a measure of aim and eyesight, hand-eye coordination in distance targeting and throwing. Multiplying the precision stat by 3 gives a fair idea of how many metres away a form can maintain maximum accuracy against small targets, with degredation after that.

Wind Element, Reflex Stat

The Wind element, that which governs the chaotic swirls and movements of the air, is associated with the Reflex stat. Wind is the element of those who value freedom and enjoy constant change, who believe that both are necessary for happiness and growth. At their best they are cheerful, helpful, energetic and resilient, accepting and adapting to the changes around them easily. At their worst, they are flighty, indecisive, forgetful, and sometimes inconsiderate or emotionally unstable.

The Reflexes stat is a measure of the mind's overall reaction time to changes, influencing things such as evasion (limited by the weight equipped) or the ability to respond to events in the surroundings, both on a physical and spiritual level.