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Due to the limits on the potential roster (currently only a total of 40 players, including the Admins, may be playing at one time), players are screened, slightly, during the joining process. Please cooperate as much as possible with the Administrator regarding any queries, or you may be subjected to delays in your addition to the roster.

The highly recommended method/sequence for character design is outlined below. All e-mails, both joining and playing, should be sent to

Stat shuffling, a solo step, is first, and does not require the Admin at this stage. All players, regardless of game age, as long as they have reached adulthood, will start this process with 64 stat points shared out between the eight statistics used by the game design. It is recommended that you start this process by assigning all 8 stats a value of eight. You may reshuffle them however you like, as long as they remain within the range of 4-12. No stat may be lower than 4 at this stage, and none may exceed 12.

Race selection, another solo step, is recommended as second step. Simply choose one of the game's eight base races, and apply the given statistical bonuses and penalties to the stats from before. If one wants to join as a specific race, it will always fall under one of these base races. Players are not free to create new races that are outside the umbrella of one of those eight, however creation of new subspecies, if one insists, will be considered.

Elementa selection is another step that most can complete solo. Choose any elementa from the elements possible and, if you like, one secondary elementa directly adjacent to that one, to combine with it. Then a ratio between the two, preferably as percentages of a whole. Then you may assign 4 points, over the stats associated with the elements chosen, in approximately the ratio chosen. In short, 50:50 will give you +2/+2, whereas 75:25 or 80:20 would give +3/+1. Those with a highly dominant element and very little of the secondary should normally have +4/+0.

A minor subsection to this elementa selection is 'stat stealing', which most players can also do solo. This is simply the 'absorption' of stats from the opposing elemental statistic, to add to the chosen ones. One can absorb up to 2 stat points from opposed elementa, one from each, unless you have a very high dominance in chosen main element, in which case you can steal two from its opposite. These are then added to the stat of the element that directly opposes them. Simply put, a Fire elementa may absorb Precision (ice) to add to Strength(Fire). A Fire-Earth Elementa may absorb both Precision and Reflex (wind) to add to Strength and Resilience, but note that they cannot add the point stolen from Reflex, to Strength. It must be placed on Resilience.

Combat/stress reaction stats are the next choice, and may often involve discussion with the Admin. Essentially a representation of how the character reacts when confronted with a combat situation, and usually related to their chosen weapon, if they tend to actually fight rather than run. There are five stat points assigned here(if adult), in nearly any ratio, limited only by skills that a particular combat style was very unlikely to develop. For example, a heavy caster using only a wand, whip, or unarmed, cannot add stats to their Strength during this step. A strong physical-dependent fighter using no 'casting' essences, wielding a greataxe cannot add Reflex, nor Dispersion. A quick way to deal with this aspect is simply to tell the Admin your main weapon, and let her work it out from there for you.

The final step during stat building is very likely to involve the Admin, is even worse, and depends on your character's job or basically what you spent most of your time doing, during your 'backstory' stages. This adds another five points(if adult), and is again most easily dealt with by giving the Admin a mild outline and letting her work it out for you.

Since there are no bonus stat points assigned for being older, it is suggested that most characters join as adults of ages between 17 and 24. Note that there are benefits to joining as older characters, but they are related only to noncombat skills (having more of them), and require steady backstory and roleplay.

Once the statistic makeup of your character is complete (should have 80 stat points total if adult), the next vital point are your character's essences, which can be chosen from that list, or in some cases, you will be allowed to create unique ones, within reason. Each essence needs to be bound to a Spirit Gate, again, up to choice of player. If requested, the Admin may optimize your binding for you, but keep in mind that 'optimize' may be difficult without a clear idea of your intent.

Finally, choose your starting location and Console password, and that completes the mandatory aspects of the joining process.

None of the following are vital to the joining process, as they can be filled in within the first week or so of play, giving you time to flesh out the character. These are all dependent on your character's story, and as such, some storyline must be provided to justify choices made regarding the following.

Familiarities: Your familiarity with various areas will need to be set for max character performance.
Skills: Non-combat, normally, based on what one learnt to do in 'school' or pursue for a living within the Empire.
Equipment: One need not provide details on this character aspect, to join, but until you do, you will be considered only generally armed/dressed. You will always at least be assigned your main weapon, however. Storyline entries to explain armor pieces are low priority, but be prepared to 'need' to explain very expensive or special armor.
Job: Usually connected to skills, this is not really static, nor information that is directly kept anywhere, but coming up with one, or choosing from the list, is a good way of stabilizing your character's responsibilities, and to some extent, their income.
Companions: Once these can be adequately explained, any number are allowed, even of player level class. The balancing point here is the stagnation of personal character growth due to their presence, at times, and a lack of direct control over their activities besides the implied/Roleplayed. It is suggested that players approach the concept of companions carefully, as they tend to add more obligations than assistance in regular situations (but you all know that, you have real lives).
Combat Style: This refers not to the martial act of combat, but rather, how much of your standard combat involves physical, mental, and spirit stresses. Expressed as a ratio of percentages, the Admin will assume and set this for you if you do not specify it. This affects how your battles are written, and your fatigue levels after battles, given by the Battle Estimator. Casters who do not move much during combat would have high percentages in the mental and spirit aspects of this, whereas warriors, especially those who move quickly or have heavy weapons/armor, would have most of their percentage in the physical aspect.